What Are Running Vests And Why Do You Need One?

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As a beginner, running appeared to be a simple task you can do. But as you progress, you might encounter scenarios that would need an appropriate gear and hear some stories of more seasoned runners talking about some equipment unbeknownst to you. A good example is a running vest, and if you don’t know what that is and what it’s for, take time to read to see more of a runner’s world. 

Types Of Running Vests

There are many types of running vests, each serving a different purpose. While it is not a requirement for casual jogging and treadmill runs, you may find them helpful shall you decide to join your first race. We assume you want it to be as planned out as possible for it to go on smoothly.

Many factors would play when it comes to choosing the right kind of vest for you. There may be an instance when you need to buy two, but there are fancy multi-purpose vests that you can buy for a stratospheric price. If you’ve stuck your nose far deep into this article, might as well read on to know more about these running vests and why you need one — not today, but maybe soon!

Hydration Running Vests

man wearing blue shirt and shades running while wearing hydration running vests

One of the most popular running equipment is a hydration vest. These running vests help keep ultra, and casual runners stay hydrated throughout their chosen trails. Whether it is a 1-hour marathon or a 100k, these vests could come in handy as you can carry a drink, while keeping your hands free. A true convenient run is every runner’s dream, and the research to it remains continuous.

Generally, a good vest is something that won’t give you chafing problems. Moreover, it should be as lightweight as it can be unless you intend to intensify your training. When joining a 2-3 hour race, the best hydration vest pack has a built-in bladder, made out of skin-friendly fabric and should help you track while sporting the best running form – which is your ribs pointing down.

Hydration running vests are ideal must-haves for:

  • People who join in long races. Make sure to choose the lightweight hydration pack.
  • Those who run in forests and mountains need hydration vests more than anyone else. Hydration packs are also some of the EDCs of survivalists who frequent woods and jungles.
  • Runners who continue to trail despite the summer heat
  • Beach runners and other outdoor runners, especially those who recently started with this kind of workout

Here are some great hydration running vests in Amazon:

  • Osprey Packs Duro 1.5
  • Mubasel Gearl Hydration Backpack
  • Triwonder Hydration Pack

Weighted Running Vests

Apart from hydration vests, there are also what runners call “weighted vest.” Instead of providing convenience, a weighted vest for running adds pressure and challenge to anyone who wears it. Its purpose is to help athletes and running enthusiasts achieve higher fitness, strength, and performance level through added weight.

This vest is a piece of flexible and beneficial equipment as you lose more calories, whether you run, walk, jog, sprint, or carry its weight. You can also wear this during other exercises or while doing your routine at a gym studio.

Apart from weight loss, these running vests can help strengthen legs, enhance the stamina, increase your agility, and burn more calories. Due to the added ballast, this is certainly not a good option for races. 

We recommend weighted vests for:

  • Seasoned runners who want added workout stunt and difficulties
  • Gym goers who would like to increase the intensity of their workout
  • Weighted vests are perfect for people who choose to run on treadmills.

Reflective Vests

While many types of running vests would focus on performance and convenience, others prioritize safety over anything else. This feature is what reflective running vests have to offer. Usually sleek, lightweight, and shiny, your friends will notice you, especially when you’re racing with them at night.

Some of these vests appear like traffic or life jackets with glaring strips that shine when glared. Some varieties would even include a whistle and some emergency features guaranteed to catch others’ attention. 

Reflective running vests are most recommendable for:

  • Runners who run at night or before the break of dawn
  • Those who plan to include caves, tunnels, forests, mountains, steep places in their trail.
  • Women runners who run alone late at night

This running vest from Freemove is one of the most reviewed reflective gears in Amazon.

Thermal Running Vests

As the name suggests, thermal vests are the most suitable running gears during the winter season. They come with a built-in heating mechanism and has the most apparent purpose.

Apart from running, thermal vests are perfect for people who ski, work outdoors, and almost everyone who doesn’t find sweaters and jackets as enough shields from the cold. 

Although apparent, we would still like to emphasize that thermal vests are suitable for:

  • Winter workers
  • Hikers and trekkers of the winter season
  • Runners who don’t dread the cold, but would need some protection
  • Those who work out in a gym studio 

This TCA Men’s Runners Vest is a crowd favorite!

If you’re into trusted brands, we recommend the Nike Aeroloft Men’s Running Vest.

Multi-Purpose Vests

Some vests in the market serve varying purposes. Some of them provide a combination of what reflective and hydration packs, while other weighted vests can do all. The prices vary and would much depend on the material used and what they can provide.

If you fancy owning one vest that answers to all your running needs, prepare a hefty amount of money as it would surely cost twice or thrice more than a regular running vest. You can find decent ones on Amazon, eBay, or survivalist websites. 

Multi-purpose vests are for those who seek for all-in-one kind of running equipment. Other individuals who might need this wearable tool include:

  • People who work out regularly in different places and weather conditions
  • People who have the budget to spend on thousand-dollar running equipment
  • Those who can carefully examine products before purchasing
  • Runners and athletes who frequently travel

We would like to try this AODD Hydration Vest E906S as it provides

What Running Vest Do You Need?

Newbie runners may not see the need to own a running vest. But once they discovered the ambition to run at greater lengths or participate in running events, they will need even the most straightforward running vest that exists. 

As for the type of running vests, it depends mostly on your long-term fitness goals, location, and climate. It’s also noteworthy to mention that the budget also plays a huge factor. Always consider the things you need at the moment, and what your running goals may require in the future.

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