Running On A Treadmill: Reap These 10 Healthy Benefits

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Brisk walking, jogging, or running are some of the simplest activities one can do to sweat out and stay in shape. In general, these physical exercises are good for overall health, especially if partnered with a healthy diet. However, not everyone can find a suitable place or feel comfortable running outdoors. Fortunately, running on a treadmill makes a flexible and convenient indoor workout.

The treadmill is one of the most common types of indoor exercise equipment that provides a convenient and effective aerobic exercise. Additionally, countless health benefits come with having a treadmill at home or at a gym where you are a regular member.

Running On A Treadmill vs. Running Outdoors

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You might have heard about some comparisons about running on a treadmill vs. running outdoors. While it is undeniable that outdoor running gives your muscles a more challenging routine, treadmills can also help burn calories and achieve your fitness goals.

People who are scared of running outdoors due to potential risks of an accident or catching colds find treadmills as valuable pieces of equipment. Choosing between these two is all about personal preference and appropriateness. After all, you can opt for additional workouts if you want to hit some gluteal muscles you think you might have missed.

Going back to the gains of running on a treadmill, we were able to give you around ten healthy benefits. Having experienced the tool ourselves, running on a treadmill is undoubtedly a must-try and an ideal alternative to those who would like to run without the outdoor hurdles.

Read on to learn more about the benefits one can gain from running on a treadmill.

#1 – Easy To Use And Keeps You In Control

Treadmills are the most effortless pieces of indoor equipment to use. It allows the runner to choose a speed level and adjust accordingly. You can either brisk walk at 4.0 mph, run at 6.0 mph, or walk with an engaged core at 3.0 mph.

A more advanced treadmill allows you to adjust its elevation. You can turn your walk into an uphill climb while dictating the speed. There’s no need to drive for long hours to find a steep hill where you can run up and down. Adding inches of slope on your treadmill session will significantly increase the number of calories you burn.

#2 – Designed To Reduce Impact

Running on a treadmill lessens the risk of having injuries compared to outdoor runs. With its softer surface and shock absorption features, there’ll be lesser impact every time you take a step forward. On the other hand, hard pavements and uneven terrains will add further strain to your calves and glutes.

#3 – Preset Workout Programs

Most treadmills nowadays allow you to create a custom program to match your body built and fitness goals. Workout programs make exercising fun and exciting with an option to develop varying speeds and decline. Experiment on a wide array of presets.

#4 – Treadmills Can Track Progress

Most treadmills come with digital monitors that show you essential stats like distance, time, speed, calories burned, and even heart rate​. Added features such as step counters and heart rate monitors come included. Moreover, some treadmills have a feature that allows multiple users and saves progress for each.

#5 – Private And Convenient

Many people are self-conscious when working out in public, especially those who are just trying to build a routine. Moreover, some people would prefer to work in a silent place with minimal interaction with others. As such, treadmills offer a convenient solution for those who prefer to exercise in private.

#6 – Effective Weight Loss Equipment

The real goal behind running on a treadmill for most people is weight loss. Compared to other static exercise tools, this running machine burns the most calories of all. So use it every chance you have and try to increase the intensity as time goes by.

#7 – Treadmills Remove Excuses Not To Workout

People often do make New Year’s resolution about losing weight. This annual self-promises usually end up in excuses like the cold weather, not having enough time, or for whatever reason.

If you own a treadmill, especially an advanced and expensive type that allows you to perform all the weight loss presets, it will be impossible to come up with valid pretenses.

Even if going to the gym may pose a challenge, it doesn’t play as a convincing self-justification. Most fitness studios with treadmills charge a hefty amount of joining fee. As such, it will be a huge waste if your membership won’t serve its purpose because of laziness. And you won’t forgive yourself when you see that unused expense in your credit card bill.

#8 – Cardio Improves Heart Health

The most apparent benefit that comes along with running is its healthy impact on cardiovascular health. Whether you sprint outdoors or run on a treadmill, the heart receives a good type of stress from the activity, making it stronger compared to living a sedentary lifestyle.

#9 – Builds Muscle

While it is not a primary benefit, running can burn fat and, at the same time, build muscles. Running uses several muscles in the body, which can beef up specific muscles.

Those who are trying to shape up or reveal their six-pack can engage their core from running. Apart from hitting the fats in the abdominal part, running with an engaged core takes away a little amount of stress from your legs and things. The challenge of holding this ab posture for quite a while diverts your focus so you can run longer on a treadmill.

#10 – Running On A Treadmill Improves Joint Flexibility

Most running benefits will also apply to treadmill exercises. Moreover, all running tips may be applicable to this indoor activity. Apart from core strength, weight loss, and increased muscle built, running is also beneficial in enhancing flexibility.

Running reduces the risk of getting conditions that limit flexibility and mobility of the joints. Also, it will slow down aging effects keeping you more mobile even at an older age.

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