How To Run While Traveling

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It is reasonable to think that over the following few months, you’ll have a business trip or, better yet, a vacation planned. Although it’s an exciting and memorable adventure you’d like to enjoy, you feel guilty after a layoff from running. While traveling destroys a solid running routine, it doesn’t need to stop your training in its tracks. 

With some pre-planning and ingenuity, you’ll take your running on the road with you. If you just started to build this daily habit, don’t allow yourself to think of excuses that will hinder your progress. 

Running may be an excellent way to make you understand whatever destination you would possibly be visiting. Bring your A-game with you anywhere you go and let these tips show you how to run while traveling.

Plan Your Work And Your Run

If you’re on vacation, take a look at your itinerary and identify times and places where you’ll slot in a hard sweat session. Dedicate an hour or two for running or combine it with some gym exercises. 

If you like access to specific equipment, sort of a treadmill for icy locales or a weight set for cross-training, call nearby gyms to inquire about special discounts or free passes for short-term visitors. 

Another travel tip we got for you is to choose hotels that provide free fitness studio passes to their guest. And before you book that accommodation, call and ask whether their treadmill works or not. You may also pick an exclusive resort where you can run free in different villas or you can also consider running on the beach.

Bring Everything You Need With You

Prepare a multi-purpose running vest with you everywhere you go. An itinerary or the private meeting by the poolside may be delayed or worse, canceled. Be ready to run so that you can kill time and warm up even before the party starts.

Busy runners who don’t usually go on vacation may likely forget their running shoes and other running gears. If you worry about excess baggage or if you don’t feel good carrying too much stuff, bringing your favorite pair of running shoes and some shorts would be enough.

Be Willing To Wake Up Early Or Stay Up Late

Morning joggers may choose to run before the dawn breaks. However, as your body would probably think that half the fun of vacation is sleeping in, you might wake up later than you usually do. Despite this, the break of dawn or during the sunset are the best times to run. It allows you to clear your head, refresh and explore around the town or countryside, so try to be an early bird.

If the thought of the holidays tempts you to stay in bed for longer hours and ditch your running session, imagine how happier you’ll be knowing you bought your miles in before the sun came up. Not only that, but not missing out a day of running will make you love yourself more. Save yourself from guilt and run.

Run Over Walk

Seize the opportunity and swap your walks for a run. Do this while buying some food to eat or going back to your hotel. Start your morning tasks with a sprint to pick up some coffee or breakfast juices. If you’re in a staycation, buying things in the convenience store or malls is a great excuse to jog from your hotel to your destination. 

Think That A 15 Minute Run Is All You Need In A Day

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Just start, you’ll want to stay going. It appears that 15 minutes are all it takes to give your brain a lift, boost your endorphins, ease your metabolism, get your daily dose of vitamin D and improve your problem-solving abilities and it shows that a run has a lot of benefits in our body.

Do yourself a favor and run for 15 minutes. If running is your chosen activity for keeping weight at bay throughout your rest days, that’s a more reason to stop making excuses. Before you reward yourself of some summer pampering, try achieving post-workout burn or after-burn in the morning, so your body will continue burning calories as the day goes.

Do A One Way Run

Your family, friends, or relatives won’t fault you for not getting into amusement parks, malls, or the beach a little late but, so sneak in a run from your room to where you will rendezvous. So, when the family is heading to somewhere a few miles or kilometers away, run one way and meet them there. Set a time target for you not to be late. 

Invite Others To Run With You

Convince your vacation mates that the beautiful weather and the place is a fantastic setting for a race. If you own the task of planning out the day, always include the 15 to 30 minute run and other physical exercises in the schedule.

If your travel buddy is also a runner, or at least, trying to lose weight, this would be an easy task. If you will meet with a client, call them ahead to discuss if they enjoy having a morning exercise before settling down to talk hardcore about your business.

Stay In Good Shape During Your Vacation

You can make the most out of your days in paradise if you avoid getting wasted at a late-night party. Chugging bottles of booze might knock you out and leave you whining in bed the next day, about the worst hangover of your life. Apart from not being in good condition to run, you will lose precious time sleeping inside your hotel unit, hoping it would cure the headaches fast.

Can You Run While Traveling? Final Thoughts

Yes, you can definitely run while traveling.

There are more than a hundred ways on how you can sneak running while traveling. A simple preparation of bringing your running shoes may be enough to get you started once you landed in your destination. You can also think of your vacation or travels as an excellent opportunity for working out, and not as an excuse not to do so.

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