Reasons To Finally Start Running This 2020

Ah, yes. 2020 — the new year.

Indeed, a new year sounds like the perfect time to get up, be inspired, and finally start achieving your goals. For many people, one goal that’s always on the list of the new year’s resolutions is to start living healthy and to be fit.

While there are those who actually get off their couches and schedule a trip to the gym or a jog in the morning or in the afternoon, there are also those who only religiously follow-through during the first days but eventually give up and lose the will. On the other hand, there are also those who don’t make an effort at all and the resolution stays like that — just something on the list.

But it’s only January and there are 11 more months to go for 2020. That means now is the perfect time for you to actually start the journey to achieve what you want to do this year.

And if getting fit is one of those, we’re encouraging you to finally work on that goal through running.

That’s right, running.

Sure, running sounds like a very tiring option when you can just wake up just in time for work or spend the night after work just lounging on the couch in your living room.

“But you can run and walk on a treadmill?”, you say. Sure, yes you can. But there’s something much better about actually going outside rather than just starting at your window or your wall which you always see everyday.

Other than that, here are more reasons to help you think about starting running this 2020:

#1 A Break From The Usual

Are you always facing the same walls and the same views? Think about it, you get up, walk around your home and prepare for the day, ride your usual commute or drive to work, sit in front of your work station, then at the end of the day go home.

When you run and do it outside of your home, you can get a break from the usual view and routine. You can either take a run around your neighborhood, go to that park you always see on your drive, or if you’re feeling adventurous, go to a trial (just make sure you know your way around). You’ll be surprised at the places, faces, and things you see on your run.

#2 Destress and Alleviate Depression Symptoms

Have you ever felt yourself losing interest in the things you usually enjoyed? Have you seen your friends lately? When was the last time you went out and had fun and didn’t stress about work or school the whole day?

If most of your answers are negative, then it may be time for you to destress. These can also be symptoms of depression so when you feel these negative thoughts creeping up, get up and schedule a day out for jogging. To make runs more enjoyable, you can even plug in your earphones and listen to your favorite tunes. You’ll no doubt feel as if life is a movie while you’re running.

#3 Improve Physical Health

Have you ever thought of how much you walk in a day? If the only walk you ever do for most of the day is the walks you take when going from your office desk to the bathroom, and you drive when you get home, then that’s not much. You’ll also know how this isn’t much when you take the stairs and feel yourself running out of breath.

But when you regularly run, you’ll find that even four flights of stairs are easy peasy. Plus, you’ll be super fast by then because your legs and muscles are already accustomed to all the walking and running.

#4 Lower Cancer Risks

Did you know that scientific research shows that exercise can stall seven different cancers? These are the endometrial, colorectal, prostate, breast, lung, ovarian and gastric cancer. In this modern world where sicknesses are becoming more common due to lifestyles, it’s best to keep ourselves always healthy and fit.

#5 A Chance to Socialize

Have you had a chance to go out and socialize with your friends from high school, college, or even work? If your answer is no, then you’ll find that running gives you a chance to socialize. How? You can invite your friends to an afternoon run where you can chitchat and catch-up. Plus, if you find running boring, having friends around can lessen the boredom and make it more enjoyable.

And if you’re looking for change within your social circle, you can always join running and jogging groups to gain new friends. You can easily find them through social media such as Facebook groups.

#6 Helps You Gain Confidence

Running may look like your average fitness activity. However, it’s more than just that. In fact, you can earn and gain confidence through running. Do you have apprehensions when going outside on your own? You’ll find that running can help you become more comfortable when going around outside your home on your own. And if you’ve always found tights, spandex, and shorts to be uncomfortable and awkward on your skin, a few days of running will even help you to think you look and feel good wearing them. Most importantly, running can also help you to feel in control of your body and your life!

Running Tips for Beginners

Start Small

If you’re only just starting running, a lot of these can feel overwhelming. However, you don’t have to be in a hurry. You can always start small. On your first run, you can always start with just 30 mins or an hour at most. To also keep your body from feeling strained and overworked, start with just walking for the first ten to fifteen minutes. After your body has been conditioned, you can then start jogging and then a full run.

Be Equipped

You also have to make sure your gear is prepared for running. Invest in dry-fit t-shirts to keep you cool during runs, comfy spandex shorts to make sure your legs can move just right, and proper running shoes (choose ones with soft soles and are flexible — unlike sneakers).

Are you ready to finally start running this 2020? Check out more of our blogs for tips, products, and more from runners!

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