Marathon Starters: Top 10 Best Running Shoes For Women

Marathon Starters: Top 10 Best Running Shoes For Women

Before you decide to sign up for a marathon, you already know what lies ahead of you. You are probably thinking about how far and how long will you be running for that day. Starting straight ahead for training would be the first thing that comes into mind, but have you considered the shoes you will be using for that day? People don’t expect you to run with your bare feet so you might as well take the time to choose the right running shoes for the marathon.

Preparing for your first marathon is something to be excited about. Although finding gears that suits your comfort and preference will take much of your time. Take into account the miles that you will run and making sure that the heat of the ground will not hurt your feet. Go to the nearest shopping mall to see if you can find a running shoe that is fit for your feet.

In case you need a guide, here are the top ten well-known brands for women that you can include on your list when choosing the best running shoe for your first marathon:

#1 Brooks Ghost 12

If you watch marathons online, you have seen these pair worn by many runners. They prefer these pairs to run with, and a lot of them have considered this as their “go-to” running shoes.

These shoes are one of the latest releases of the Brooks series that has been as a reliable shoe for more than a decade from all levels of runners. As a starter, you might want to start with well-known shoes that will secure the safety of your feet as you run the miles for hours. These pair are a bit high on the market but it is guaranteed durable and has exceptional outsole grip.

#2 Nike Zoom Vomero 14

Unlike other brands, Nike has already established its name in the market. One of their releases that many runners also considered as one of their favorite pair is the Nike Zoom Vomero. After Nike Pegasus, Vomero earned its title to be the best-looking shoes even seen a race. Like our first pair, Nike Vomero is quite pricey as well but you don’t have to think about that because the quality of the pair is just right for its price.

#3 Asics Gel Kayano 26

As a starter, all you want to insure is to feel your feet and legs after your first marathon. Well, this pair of Asics Gel Kayano 26 is known for its premium support that offers a comfortable fit and soft cushioning. It’s balanced cushioning offers you incredible balance right on your first fit. The shoes unbelievably adjust to your feet, not too squishy, not too firm, but just the right fit that many runners adored. The shoes are definitely worth their price!

#4 Mizuno Wave Inspire 15

You will need training shoes for your entire preparation process and another pair for your running day. With Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 you can get the best of both worlds. It has enough cushioning to get you throughout your training and your race. You don’t have to worry about having sore feet because these pair offers you comfortable and breathable upper build that will last on your feet for hours. Runners adored these shoes because it is remarkably durable and versatile.

#5 Saucony Kinvara 10

With all these options above, you are probably wondering about what brand is leading the industry as the most reliable long-distance running shoes. Well, the answer to that is the Saucony Kinvara 10. It has the best features ideal for running 5k in a marathon. It is known for its bulky design but remarkably lightweight which makes it perfect for daily training. Most runners prefer this because it feels great for long-distance races and the shoes itself makes you want to speed up your pace gradually.

#6 New Balance 890v7

Like Nike, New Balance is already known in the market for its breathable and lightweight shoes. Their 890v7 features a knitted upper and the midsole is designed to be remarkably light for a faster run. If you are looking for a lightweight shoe that is flexible but has a nice crisp grip on your feet, then this is the right shoes for you. These shoes are incredibly ideal for your training and it will feel great during your workout sessions.

#7 Adidas Adizero Tempo 9

For decades in the sports industry, Adidas has played its part by creating reliable gears from sportswear to running shoes. The Adidas Adizero Tempo 9 is designed to support your fast days and even during your race day. Like 890, it is remarkably lightweight that features stability. For the way it looks, it is surprisingly durable and responsive to your feet. It is ideal for fast training that provides your sole enough cushioning for optimum comfort throughout distance runs.

#8 Saucony Liberty ISO 2

You probably know by now that the higher the price of the shoe, the better quality you get. The Saucony Liberty ISO 2 is specifically built to last a long-distance run that provides support and stability. Many runners would go for these pairs because it allows them to run fast without wearing out their bodies during long-distance runs. If you are looking for a smooth and fast ride, then this the kind of shoes that will fit your standards.

#9 Adidas Adizero Boston 8

If you are trying to break a record or just want to win on your first try, then the Adidas Adizero Boston 8 is the perfect pair for you. This shoe allows you to run at any pace you want without hurting your sole. It is designed to offer both comfort and firmness making it ideal for your preparation period workouts. If we base it on the appearance, the Boston 8 is surprisingly durable and has an incredible grip even on wet surfaces.

#10 Nike Zoom Fly 3

Last on our list but definitely not the least is one of the shoes that surprise the entire sports industry. If you have a competitive spirit who wants to give the best shot on your first marathon, then Nike Zoom Fly 3 is the perfect pair for you. It has really earned its name by breaking the record of its Breaking2 research project. At that moment, other brands realized that this pair is not the one to mess with. This series released by Nike is a real contender when it comes to running shoes for marathons. Based on its features and performance on the race, the shoes are unbelievably affordable compared to the previous shoes mentioned above.

Now that you have all these ideas, pick yourself up and get that training started today!

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