Easy Half marathon training tips for beginners in 2020

Half marathon training tips for beginners
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Easy Half marathon training tips for beginners in 2020

Half marathon training tips for beginners in 2020. If you ask me, the half marathon is the best race for beginners. Thirteen point one miles is a challenging distance that requires commitment and training but is attainable enough that anyone can do it—with the right plan! – Without having to train your entire life. That’s why half marathons have the highest numbers of participants.

Thinking about signing up for a race but has no idea about a half marathon or how to train yourself? No worries, you are at the right place!! We will guide you with the best half marathon training plan for beginners that you would easily become a half-marathon runner.

How much distance is a half marathon? 

A half marathon is a road running event of 21.0975 km i.e 13 mi 192½ yd, it is half the distance of a marathon. 

It is the most common event that is held concurrently with a marathon or a 5K race, using almost the same course with a late start, an early finish, or shortcuts. So in simple words, a half marathon is also known as a 21K, 21.1K, or 13.1 miles which is a rounded off value.

Training Tips    

Whether you’re building up to 13.1 miles as a beginner or planning to smash your PB, we’ve got everything you’ll need to get you to the finish line in style.

Running coach explains that with the help of the right plan you can train yourself that will be put together on race day. A good schedule plays a crucial role in getting through different types of sessions in a week, without putting your body at risk of becoming injured or overtraining.

Remember that nothing is achieved in a day!!

Rather it’s achieved with constant training. You should be aware of your entire training session in mind, not just what you should be doing that day. For instance, if you skip the easy run, that won’t allow your body time to heal from the quality training you’ve been doing prior to that can increase your risk of injury.

If you need help to determine your pace for training runs or on race day then you can make use of pace calculator. You will need the appropriate running gear for the marathon and you can check one of our about running gear to know about them in detail.

What should I be wearing for the marathon?

Start with getting a fitted pair of running shoes that are suitable for long-distance running. Once you have the right pair of shoe that works well, buy a second pair for the race that will only have about 50 training miles on them for race day.

Of course, if you’re going to run a half marathon, having a pair of best shoes that will get you around 13.1 miles is important. It might seem like an investment, so choose it wisely, and check the best running shoe for beginners to avoid any injury by purchasing the wrong kind of running shoe. We’ve rounded up the best men’s and women’s running shoes here. Have a look!

Get good sweat-wicking running socks and a race outfit are other things that you can add to your list. Wear your gear should also be part of your half marathon training plan, it will help you know that it works for you. While you can also focus on treadmill running, it’s best to do your long training days, at least, outdoors in similar conditions to race day. Before training, it’s a good idea to check your gaits as well!!  

If you are new to road races, you want to the basics and ask the race organizers to follow Hal Higdon for any questions that you may have. It would be a smart move if you attend a shorter race, such as a 5K or 10K, and observe road race etiquette.

What to Eat?

When it comes to the half marathon training plans for beginners, nutrition should on your priority list. You need to fuel well before your race and also eat well even after to ease recovery.  

Before your long runs, you should focus on carbo-load. Eat good carbohydrates like whole grain pasta, quinoa, or sweet potatoes as these foods can help your body store extra glycogen that can help you with quick fuel during your runs.

Some good pre-long run choices are oatmeal, a whole-grain bagel with peanut butter and a banana. Try a few different food choices during your training sessions to know what works best for you. Eat 60 minutes before your run to ensure you have enough digestion time.

And after your long runs, you want to refuel your body within 30 minutes. Now you have to get some recovery food that will help your body absorb the nutrients fast and lessen the fatigue and runner’s munchies. Even you can try some recovery sports drinks available in the market and they work well. But a simple proven solution is a glass of low-fat chocolate milk, or peanut butter, bananas, or some GU energy gels as they have a great mix of protein, carbs, and fat that easily absorbed into your system.  

Drink plenty of water & avoid trying new on race day

Two last things about fueling well for half marathon training. First, drink water, plenty of water. Drink water, beginning up of the day, before the run, during the run, and after your running. Don’t neglect the importance of water as your body continuously loses water in the form of sweat, becoming dehydrated can be quite dangerous.

Second, don’t try anything new on race day, makes sure whatever you eat or drink you have already practiced during your half marathon training sessions. It’s important to know what can disturb your stomach and will fuel you well so that you should have enough nutrition to run the long run.

Start now!

Before beginning a 12-week training program, you should check the distance you are running. ‘This is one test you can’t cram for, as per the running coach. For this distance, you have got to put in the work!  

Begin your race slowly

How slowing down can help you speed up?

You want to do the majority of your runs at a comfortably with conversational pace and finish each run energetically and also to run another mile. The biggest mistake the first time runner make is running too many miles, too fast, too soon – and that can lead to injury, loss of motivation, and burnout. In case you’re gasping for air, or in pain, then you’re going too fast so you need to slow down to complete your race to finish line.

Train yourself through hills

Hill work builds leg and also lung power. You can begin by incorporating hills that take 60 seconds to climb, say experts. As you train yourself and you feel 60-second hills easier, challenge yourself with steeper and/or longer hills.

For half marathon training plan for beginners, when it comes to hill sessions, you should on a hilly route with climbs, rather than run up and down one hill for miles!

Go as your body allows

A little muscle soreness is noticed, when you push your body further or faster, particularly in the calves, quads, and hamstrings, say the exercise physiologist. It can take 2-3 days to recover from hard workouts. If you feel soreness even after four or five days, then you should get yourself checked out by a doctor.

Plan for your race day

It’s not unusual to be worried!! You may feel butterflies in your stomach but you should focus on race-day logistics following both your nutrition and hydration plans as mentioned earlier. Making it on time and properly equipped to the starting area and when the gun goes off on the half marathon race day new racers control the urge to run fast and start slow aiming for a negative split – running the first half slower than the second. This conservative pacing will allow you to finish feeling good.

Have fun—after all, it’s your half marathon and it should be personal best.

Final words

Don’t despair – it takes time to improve as a beginner runner. You may not feel like it, but rest assured that you are getting better every day, as with every run your body slowly builds your strength and fitness.  

I hope you have gained information about the half marathon training & tip to perform best! You can share your views, ideas, or other information regarding the blog in the comments below, we would be happy to hear from you!!

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Hope you enjoyed our thoughts on Half marathon training tips for beginners in 2020

Easy Half marathon training tips for beginners in 2020

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