Best Way to Train for a 5k During Pandemic

Best Way to Train for a 5k During Pandemic
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Best Way to Train for a 5k During Pandemic

Best Way to Train for a 5k During Pandemic

The COVID19 Pandemic has brought your running shoes back to business. Here’s the time to encourage your health & fitness plans to a large extent. An intense 5K training can get you exceptional health benefits and confidence. Plus, you can approach a delightful lifestyle & keep yourself lively throughout the day. Running is a fantastic way to sweat out your unwanted body fat, and 5K running is another important aspect of your running technique.

A 5K training during the Coronavirus pandemic could benefit both experienced and beginner level runners, professionals & everyday fitness freaks too. It is further distributed into different training sessions and programs depending on the runner’s potential. You may practice any of that session as per your convenience but first, understand what’s 5K Training.

What is a 5K Training?

5K Training is essentially required to earn long-distance running proficiency that could help you beat a local or state level marathon. Though it is the shortest marathon of its kind, many renowned professionals also prefer a practical approach to Training and warmup. Likewise, it is more prevalent among everyday joggers—the running span over 5 kilometers or 3.107 miles.

Therefore, it affects different runners differently. Despite the outbreak of the COVID19 Pandemic, you may undergo the following stages of your 5K training program being a beginner or accomplished too. Let’s explore!

Newbie 5K Training

Being a beginner, you can set a 5K training plan for eight weeks. It is suggested by the famous runner writer Hal Higdon. They call it a 5K Novice program that covers eight weeks of running practice. You may approach the following measures to complete Novice training successfully.

  • Don’t focus on speed; just cover the distance advised regularly
  • You can run until the fatigue and continue walking after that
  • When you get your breath back and comfortable, you can continue running again. However, the distance remains the same
  • Determine a day for rest & relaxation. It provides for your muscle strength

Intermediate 5K Training

This training style deals with an enhanced version of mileage & speed. Experienced runners often find it great for skill improvement. Following the requirement of speed, you should approach the summer season to schedule your running. Remember that you need to cover 12 weeks as such. So, improve your efforts accordingly. Follow these steps-

  • Again, you’re not suggested to run very fast. You can see to your comfort level and then raise your speed as compared to the previous newbie approach accordingly 
  • You may schedule a longer run once in a week, around 5 miles through the same pace
  • Try to raise your running speed frequently 
  • Don’t forget to warm up through jogging for the first 2 miles

Advanced 5K Training

This is something relevant only for running professionals. It requires exceptional strength & running experience on your part. Though you have to schedule 4-5 days in a week for running, you have to cover 20-30 miles as such. Additionally, you need to follow the enlisted set of rules.

  • Run at an easy pace initially for 60 to 90 minutes. You may consider it a long run
  • Moving ahead, you can run 400 meters aggressively and then switch back to jogging or walking for the next 400 meters
  • After that, you can try tempo run sessions, which start at a comfortable pace and end aggressively. You can cover a long distance doing so
  • Added stretching & warmup efforts alike push-ups, pull-ups are equally important

Best Way to Train for a 5K During Pandemic 

Even where the COVID19 Pandemic is still haunting the world, people have started to implement specific ideas to bring their lifestyle back on track. With an effective 5K running plan, you may also bring your health and fitness goals back on track. Your fitness plan has nothing to do with the fear of getting infected. The globally renowned health institutions have suggested numerous ways to withstand the chance of getting infected.

Therefore, get up and say goodbye to your ceased lifestyle for the last 4-5 months and analyze through the following ways of 5K Training during the Pandemic.

Choose the Right Place

Before you start running, decide on a proper running location. Remember that you still need to maintain adequate social distance to protect you and your family from getting infected. The location should also exhibit the essence of nature that could help you strengthen your immunity system. Fresh air is indeed beneficial for your lungs and, consequently, your running performance.

Prefer Early Morning

If you belong to a metropolitan area, running in the morning could benefit you more. The content of air & chemical pollution in the air is minimum in the morning. Moreover, noise pollution starts affecting your inner peace & motivation in the daylight until late at night. As such, you can’t expect a worthy performance through your running efforts. However, you may go for an evening session if not available early morning.

Get a Company

Approach a neighbor or friend or a family member if you don’t feel encouraged to run alone because of the Pandemic. It’s entirely possible that you won’t find enough people on the tracks, making you demotivated. Moreover, if you’re aged enough to get an accidental encounter quickly, you must take your grandson or daughter with you.

Decide on a Pair of Sport Shoes

Deciding on a pair or two of sports shoes is something unavoidable, whether there’s a pandemic or not. An appropriate new pair of shoes keep you motivated throughout your running program. You need to analyze your foot dimensions properly before making an order. Moreover, you can approach many modern features that could enhance your running efforts. Furthermore, you can decide on a fine pair of socks that’s best as per your comfort. It’s always better to research about the right marketplace as such.

To help you with your running goals, we provide the best information on running tips and tricks, trending sports shoes & socks through our articles. We wish you a quality lifestyle through the health & fitness benefits of running. Also, check out our recent article on the Best Running Tips to Lose Weight in 2020 if you’re facing evil obesity and the fear of the COVID19 Pandemic. Stay fit!

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