Best Way to Start Running in 2020 During COVID 19?

Best way to Start Running in 2020 During COVID 19_
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Best way to Start Running in 2020 During COVID 19_

Best Way to Start Running in 2020 During COVID 19?

Best way to start running in 2020 during COVID 19? The COVID 19 pandemic is still a matter of concern as it has taken 809K lives & affected more than 23 million people so far. However, it has shown excellent recovery rates throughout the last few months & experts associate it to a robust immune system. Endurance exercise forms like Running, Jogging, Brisk Walking & Climbing, etc., are great immunity boosters that make your body function against various internal & external sources of infections.

A few months before, the World Health Organization declared that the world might not be able to find a proper cure against COVID 19 virus shortly. And there’s no potential medicine developed to date. But researchers have found that our body can learn to fight the virus itself after a specific period by developing right immunity measures against it. Therefore, building a regular exercise habit like running can help you stay safe, healthy & active all day.

Understand COVID 19 

COVID 19 is a newly developed virus that belongs to a family of 7 Coronaviruses known as Ribonucleic Acid (RNA). MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV & NL63 are some other harmful forms of viruses in this family. COVID 19 is also considered as a subform of the SARS-CoV virus as both of them share the same source of birth, bats. The virus affects both animals & humans and usually get transmitted from animals to humans in a spill-over event surrounding an animal reservoir.

A similar event took place in the wet market of Wuhan city of China at the beginning of December 2019, resulting in 3 people being infected. The patients further infected the whole city day by day & contributed to its global outbreak!

How Running Helps Enhance Your Immunity?

Running is an aggressive form of Aerobic exercise that is followed by mild walking & jogging sessions. Along with serving a good body fat & obesity control mechanism, running brings you strong immunity support through the following ways.

  • Raise Body Temperature

Running essentially raises your body temperature that could kill bacteria effectively. It also prevents them from multiplying in your body. The structure of a harmful virus like COVID 19 is also based on the continuous multiplication of microbes.

  • Improved Breathing

It is widely tested that COVID 19 is strongly affecting the hosts who are already suffering from a disease. An old breathing problem can be considered critical enough to bring death threats as such. Running enhances your lungs’ health fights breathing issues successfully.

  • Develop Antibodies & WBCs

Our body is specialized in developing essential biological immunoglobulins like IgG, IgM & IgE to fight harmful viruses & bacterial infections caught from outside. However, to develop such weapons, our body needs to undergo regular exercise routine & running is one of them. Additionally, it enhances White Blood Cells (WBCs) growth in our body.

  • Controls Stress Level

Besides infection, the global outbreak of COVID 19 has brought a significant level of stress before millions of working professionals in the world. This way, running can help you maintain the level of stress & anxiety affecting you regularly. Stress is also considered a notable enemy of the immune system & you must terminate it!

How to Start Running in 2020 During COVID 19?

The Novel Coronavirus spreads from person to person through air transmission & touching when a person comes in contact with air droplets of an infected person’s sneeze or cough. Therefore, it has been widely suggested to follow a set of guidelines issued by various health organizations across the world. Even before start running in 2020 during COVID 19 outbreak, you can follow these guidelines as listed below to avoid the threat of being infected along with your fitness goals. Take a look.

  • Put a Mask on Your Face

Even if you’re away from a dense social environment, you should wear a mask. Mask is not for your safety, its for others. You may take a specific break & sit on a bench amid running & jogging in a park. If you’re carrying the virus & sneeze over that place, you can infect 2-3 people together as such. The research shows that the virus stays active on an open surface for more than 10 hours.

  • Avoid Being Social

Health experts suggest that you should maintain a distance of 1-2 meters from the people outside. However, being social, you can’t save yourself from accidental touch. Therefore, avoid running in a crowded environment. You can schedule your running in the early morning as well. You’ll find fewer people at that time.

  • Get Proper Hand & Facewash

When you’re back home, the first thing you need to do is to wash your hands & face properly. Don’t touch here and there. You should follow it even if you haven’t connected anything outside or sit on an anonymous bench. Washing hands is often considered a fruitful habit and protects you from several bacterial infections besides COVID 19.

  • Carry a Hand Sanitizer Around

You should not touch your nose & mouth while running as your whole body undergo ample sweating, and this could lead to a severe bacterial transfer. Your nostrils often build a significant source of the common cold. Carrying a hand sanitizer though provides you a threat-free self-touching & an instant germ kill, anytime anywhere!

  • Ensure Clean Socks, Shoes & Sportswear

Make sure that you’ve got 2-3 pairs of socks & shoes to avoid everyday washing & promote bacteria & germ-free running. Your shoes could bring infection roaming here & there. Wash them frequently to maintain their looks & kill infection together. Moreover, keeping 4-5 sweatshirts can help you withstand skin infections & unwanted self-touching, followed by itching & rashes. Make sure to apply frequent wash to it as well.

Final Thoughts

Even though many renowned healthcare & medical institutions across the world are claiming a possible treatment of COVID 19 to be introduced by the end of 2020, you need not forget your social responsibilities & nurture your health till the pandemic quit.

We hope our article opened many aspects of the importance of running before you. You may also review our separate discussion on¬†How to Run Safely During the Quarantine Exercise¬†against a serious lockdown situation at your place! If you’re a book reader and want to order a book, check out Ryan Roberts beginners guide for runners on Amazon

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