Best Things To Eat Before And After A Run For Beginners Made Simple- Even Your Kids Can Do It

Best Things To Eat Before And After A Run For Beginners Made Simple- Even Your Kids Can Do It
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Best Things To Eat Before And After A Run For Beginners Made Simple- Even Your Kids Can Do It

Best Things To Eat Before And After A Run For Beginners Made Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

Who doesn’t like a good run?

Even those who haven’t even been running a lot can’t deny the fact of how running can pump up your system in a different way!

Yes, I am talking to all of you, beginners.

But you see, running is more than just going over and over your laps. It also involves tedious preparations.

That of which includes eating.

This article will share some food and drink choices you need to eat before and after a run.

(It’s so simple, even your kids can do it.)

Ready, get set, it’s time to eat right before and after a run!

What To Eat Before Running

All runners (especially beginners) must always consider keeping a balanced diet before runs. It’s highly recommended that the meal must be heavily carbo-loaded.

Some examples of food choices may be grains or pasta. In addition to that, a fair amount of protein must also be included too.

Protein food choices may include:

  • Meal combination of vegetables and chicken
  • Stir-fried vegetables and meat paired with either rice or noodles
  • Vegetable and bean soup paired with skim milk or bread
  • Fish and vegetables paired with brown rice

Pro tip: As a beginner in the running scene, always remember that food choices may vary for every individual. What might work well for you may not work out for everyone else.

So what are we trying to say?

Don’t sweat the small stuff too much.

Feel free to try as many food combinations until you find out what meal works for you and what’s easily digested by your body too.

Suggested Food Intake According To Running Schedule

If you eat two or more hours before going out for a run, we suggest you eat:

  • Low-fat yogurt (pair with low-fat granola and raisins)
  • One serving of bagel paired with peanut butter and honey
  • Cold cereal paired with low-fat soy milk
  • Oatmeal paired with milk and your choice of fruit

If you eat 1 hour before going out for a run, we suggest you:

  • Go and drink a liquid meal instead (Example: yogurts, smoothies, meal replacement drinks)
  • Eat sports bars with 30g carbohydrates

If you run as soon as you wake up in the morning (making it your first activity of the day), we suggest you drink a glass of sports drink. Mix it with fruit juice or water. You can also drink it with an energy gel.

Taking this in will ensure that your body gets at last 75-100 calories and prevent you from feeling light-headed during your run. 

NOTE: This suggestion is provided that you had a good and balanced meal the night before.

Staying Hydrated

Ensuring you keep an excellent level of hydration is very important before running. This ensures you guarantee your body an optimal running performance.

So, don’t ever forget to drink your water!

Although sports drinks may also suffice to keep your body hydrated.

Drinking water or sports drinks is essential to ensure your body doesn’t suffer from dehydration and feel tired during the run.

What To Eat After Running

Here’s the thing.

When running, not only do you have to consider bulking up with carbs, protein, and liquid before the activity to prepare your body.

It would help if you also considered what to eat after running to ensure you replenish the energy lost during the run.

Here are some of the best food choices to eat after running.

Beet Salad

Beet salad is a great meal to kick off with after running, most especially if your running goal is weight loss.

These are abundant in nutrients and very low on calories. Thus, they are a good source of fibers that promote hunger-control too.

They also contain an abundant amount of dietary nitrates, helping your body build nitric oxide for your blood vessel health.

And one more thing:

Beets help prevent running fatigue (which is what you need after a long tiring run.)


Watermelon is another excellent choice for post-running food. Aside from having low calories, it contains two potent plant compounds, namely citrulline, and lycopene.

Like dietary nitrates, both of these help your body build nitric oxide to prevent running fatigue and even muscles’ soreness.

Watermelons also consist of 91% water, which helps your body rehydrate after a long run too.

Protein Shakes

If I ask you, “What made you start running?”

And you answer me with a “Because I want to build more muscles.”

Then protein shakes are an excellent go-to post running drink for you!

For how many decades now, protein shakes have always been resorted to by people wanting to gain more body muscles. 

This is mainly because milk-based proteins are readily and quickly absorbed and digested by the body.

One of the best protein powder choices is Whey Protein. This protein powder contains nine essential amino acids that help your body in its muscle-building process.

Your body digests and absorbs this milk-based protein quickly.

Grilled Chicken And Roasted Vegetables

Being a high-quality lean protein, chicken is a good choice for a post-running meal!

For a better and more sumptuous meal, try mixing it with some roasted vegetables consisting of:

  • Cauliflower
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Broccoli
  • Mushrooms
  • Asparagus
  • Zucchini

Feel free to go crazy with the flavor and add some garlic, salt, and pepper to make it taste to your delight!

Chocolate Milk

One thing’s for sure.

Chocolate Milk isn’t just as simple as a breakfast treat.

It can also be an ideal post-running drink!

Chocolate milk is loaded with high-quality protein and carbohydrates, which helps in your body’s muscle recovery and energy refueling.

Just like recovery drinks, it has a carb to protein ratio of 4:1.


Finally, remember that as much as you are prepared to hydrate your body before the run, you must also take time to rehydrate your body after your running session.

Rehydrating your body ensures a better and faster recovery after you’ve done your laps.

The Bottomline

Running can be made fun and easy for as long as you ensure you come prepared at all times!

Eat right and well before and after every run, and experience a safe and healthy run like never before.

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