Best Running Shorts With Pockets for men in 2021

Best running shorts with pockets for men in 2021
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Best Running Shorts With Pockets for men in 2021

Best running shorts with pockets for men in 2021

Have you ever been so excited to go out on a run and realize your shorts don’t have any pockets?

Bummer, right? 

Considering you’ll be bringing around your keys, phone, energy gels, or even extra cash, it sucks having to worry about where to sneak them in. Well, that’s basically why you need running shorts with pockets!

Running shorts are a very essential running gear as they help boost your performance and comfort when going out for a run. There are a lot of running shorts out in the market that feature pockets, to make sure you have enough spaces for your stash!

Our running coaches have come up with a list of the best running shorts with pockets for 2021, so you don’t have to run around crazy looking for the best ones yourself. 

Our team of testers has also made sure that every featured item brings the perfect mix of functionality, comfort, and style to fit your needs.

Why Are Running Shorts Important?

Running shorts are absolutely an excellent running gear as they offer users a lot of advantages.

Usually made of light materials, running shorts helps your sweat evaporate easily (to make sure the discomfort it brings won’t weigh you down!) Aside from that, it also ensures you get a full range of motion and easier movement while you’re running miles!

Oftentimes, running shorts also feature an inner lining that serves as underwear to prevent any discomfort or chafing from wearing tight and fitting underwear.

Best Running Shorts With Pockets 2021

  1. Pudolla Men’s 2 in 1 Running Shorts 

First up, we have the Pudolla Men’s 2 in 1 running shorts which is definitely a great choice for your everyday workout routine!

What’s interesting about these running shorts is that they’re made with a very lightweight fabric, to make sure users feel excellent comfort and breathability while on the run.

Aside from that, it also features an inner compression short to offer better leg power. With its utility pockets, you’re guaranteed to bring your important stash wherever your runs may take you!


  • Lightweight Out layer
  • Soft-touch inner compression
  • Front phone pocket and back zipper pocket
  • Has elastic waistband with drawstring
  • Reflective logo
  • Made with lightweight fabric
  • Chafe-free Protection 
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor wear
  1. Leidowei Men’s 2 in 1 Workout Running Shorts
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Next in line, we have the men’s 2 in 1 workout running shorts from Leidowei.

Featuring a 2 in 1 design, these shorts are built with mesh material and as well as quick-dry fabric to ensure your sweat evaporates and doesn’t cause you any discomfort in the middle of training.

Aside from that, these running shorts also have a built-in compression and tight fit, to ensure thigh muscle support for better power, performance, and mobility.

Also, it features a multi-pocket design to make space for your essential stash when you’re on the run.


  • Built-in compression shorts
  • 95% Polyester
  • 5% Spandex
  • Drawstring closure
  • Mesh Material
  • Quick-dry fabric
  • Liner phone pocket & front zippered pockets
  • Reflective pocket design
  • Elastic waistband with internal drawcord for a better fit
  • Perfect for intense workout
  1. FLYFIREFLY Men’s 2-in-1 Workout Running Shorts
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Last but not least, we have the 2 in 1 men’s workout shorts from FLYFIREFLY.

These lightweight training shorts are made from quality ultralight fabric and thin elastic fabric, serving as a perfect running gear for all seasons.

As it is made with high-quality fabric, it offers the perfect mix of lightweight and comfort, bringing users a wider range of movement and stronger power while on the run. You’ll never go wrong with these running shorts!


  • Made with 95% Polyamide and 5% Polyester
  • Anti-wrinkle and quick-drying fabric
  • Adjustable drawstring closure for better support
  • Breathable material wicking away sweat easily
  • Built-in compression support for better performance
  • Features a liner phone pocket and front zippered pockets
  • Best fit for intense workout and training

The Bottomline

Having a good run is just as good as having an excellent pair of shorts. Choosing a good product will improve your power, comfort, range of motion, and will even provide you with better convenience while you’re on the move.

So, are you ready to take your pick amongst the products we’ve listed for your next run?

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