Best running shoes in 2020

best running shoe
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Best running shoes in 2020

best running shoe
Best running shoes in 2020

Buying the best running shoes in 2020 online is a daunting task. We’re here to help you. We also published recommendations for shoes for high arches a week ago. Check that out.

Finding the best running shoes is tricky as there are plenty of options available in the market claiming them as the best running shoes. What makes the running shoes perfect for you depends on lots of factors. 

Running beginners might prefer more structure and cushion than runners looking to set new 5K records, while people for mellow jogs might want comfortable fit than someone ramping up their speedwork. Likewise, trail runners may face problems if they choose average road running shoe for technical terrain, and track start needs to be built for top-end speed.

The length and width of your feet, your arch height, your weight, and your unique gait all lays a crucial role. But buying the best running shoes requires complete knowledge of the latest running shoes in the market, your training, your preferred running surface, and your current fitness level. Don’t forget your style!

With collections of the best running shoes by brand, the best stability running shoes, the best-cushioned running shoes, and more, we’re confident you’ll find a best-suited shoe for running.

A place to get the right shoes for any situation!!!

How to buy the best running shoes in 2020? 

Before you get a new pair of the best running shoes for yourself, there are few things that you should keep in mind as they will help to get the best shoe to enhance your performance. 


Shoes lighter in weight typically have less cushioning that makes you feel faster. But if you’re a long-distance runner, then you should get extra cushioning doesn’t matter if it’s a heavier shoe, it’s an ideal option offering you comfort running long distance. 


A shoe’s drop is the difference between the heel and forefoot measurements, in simple words, how much your toes drop below your heel. Higher drop more heel striking! Most shoes have a drop between 8 and 12 millimeters while others have less than 6mm and a few minimalist designs have zero drops.


Cushioning allows absorption. In research, it has been found that the cushioning measurements in the heel and forefoot help you get an idea of the overall cushioning in each shore.


Flexibility indicates how easily a shoe moves with the foot from heelstrike to toe-off. It is measured by securing a shoe’s forefoot to a machine that bends it 45 degrees – about the same as the foot flexes during running – 60 times in 20 seconds. This helps you get to know how pliable the running shoe is. 

What are the best running shoes for 2020?

HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X- Highly Commended 

Packed with top-notch Hoka technology, the Hoka One One Carbon X’s is the best selling running shoe with a carbon fibre plate providing a smooth transition through the gait cycle with signature Hoka cushioning.

The Carbon X is an ideal shoe for running as it has with wide feet that provide support and stability, holding your feet just whilst the upper mesh offers breathability.

And the looks! The thick sole drops only 5 mm from heel to toe, but the Carbon X seems agile and ready to go, at all times. One of the lightest shoes on the list, the Hoka One One Carbon X is a dreadful competetor. It is usable across both training runs and races, and also affordable. 

Hoka One One Carbon X

 That’s why it is #1 best running shoe. 


  • Carbon fibre plate insole
  • Wide forefoot platform
  • Provides support & stability


  • Not as fast as Nike version 

New Balance 1080v10 – Best in test

1080 is New Balance’s flagship cushioned shoe best shoe for marathon running. The version 10 shoe is a continuation of a superb run of form and more impressive with significant updates from NB. 

There’s more of their supremely bouncy FreshFoam midsole foam, the oft medial post for fatigue-based overpronation, a more aggressive rocker for more transition and helps to pop your foot off the ground quicker. 

The heel section of the best running shoe for a beginner is sculpted to give a more secure fit without the need for extra materials on the heel counter. The shoe is tested as the best running shoe in 2020, raving about the plush feel, bounce, and responsiveness. 

Veteran club runners and speedsters might find the ride a little squishy, but it is an ideal shoe for everyday training, 1080 is leading the way.

New Balance 1080v10


  • Comfortable upper
  • Bouncy FreshFoam midsole foam
  • Best for everyday training    


  • Foam too soft at heel


The Nike React Infinity Run delivers offering plenty of support to protect you from injury. The Flyknit upper is comfortable yet firm but no signs of chafing at the rearfoot. The integrated knitted tongue and the lace closure make it a best-running shoe as it follows the shape of the foot. 

Despite all the injury-reducing protection, fast tempos NIKE REACT INFINITY RUN withVaporfly-like rocker sole geometry that merges landing and takeoff smoothly. Less energy is lost and your legs will feel fresher for longer during long-distance running.

For beginner runners, or people undergoing running training, the shoe will significantly reduce the risk of injury. It doesn’t mean you can just completely forget the right running technique of course, but you have to worry less as you run. Seasoned runners might find extra support but even still they will appreciate the supreme cushioning and energy return for high-level performance. 

Nike React Infinity Run


  • Supreme cushioning and energy return
  • Comfortable yet firm
  • Complete support to prevent injury


  • Too much support for seasoned runners

 ASICS GEL CONTEND 5- Best value    

Proof that you don’t need a second mortgage to get a decent pair of running shoes! The Contend 5 may not be any tech to cause runner headache, but the unwavering performance means that without seeing the price tag you’d be hard-pressed to get the budget shoe. The tester praised the shoe as it is a comfortable fit and breathable mesh in the upper, and found the midsole offers decent cushioning and support for the runner.

The outsole grip was also felt to perform well on a surprising variety of surfaces for a road running shoe. One of the standout features of the running shoe is that it can be delivered for a low price. 

Probably the best-value shoe I have ever worn,’ said one tester, while another was ‘shocked with the price of the shoe. The beginner runners can choose who doesn’t want serious dent in their bank account.

Asics Gel Contend 5


  • Decent cushioning and support
  • Comfortable fit and breathable mesh
  • The best shoe for new runners 


  • Less durability
  • Not for long-distance running 


Sometimes, as a beginner, all you need is a pair of best running shoes that won’t torture your feet when you finally decide to go for a run. And if you are one of those recreational runners – no shame in that – then the Adidas Solar Blaze is probably ideal running shoes for you.

The Adidas Solar Blaze has everything that it says on the box: it has a regular fit and lace closure so you can easily adjust the tension on the textile upper as you want. Calculative support is provided with textile lining and the seamless haptic print overlay where it’s required.

The Bounce midsole is springy, as the name indicates with decent energy return stats. Traction is provided by the flexible Stretchweb outsole that has the durable Adiwear outsole tech so it offers durability for long-distance running. The shoe type is perfectly adequate for the money you’ll pay for these shoes. 

The 10 mm heel drop makes the Adidas Solar Blaze a good choice as running shoe.

Adidas Solar Blaze


  • Straightforward running trainer
  • Every day runs, jogging, light training


  • No tech found in higher-end models


That’s all for Best Running Shoes in 2020 to buy online. I hope, the above review, pros, and cons will help you to choose the perfect pair of running shoes for yourself.

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