Best Running Shoes for Women in 2020

Best Running Shoes for Women in 2020
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Best Running Shoes for Women in 2020

Best Running Shoes for Women in 2020

Whether you are a seasoned runner or a professional runner, finding the best running shoe is essential for both men and women. As compared to men’s running shoes, women’s running shoes are designed differently with high supportive materials. This is because the female feet tend to be wider across the forefoot but narrower and higher overall. 

According to research, there is a difference between the heel and the “ball” of men’s and women’s feet. Women have a more sweeping ball and an immense ball girth than a man. That means if a man wears shoe size – 6, it will be equivalent to the size of 8 of the women’s shoes.  Running Shoes for Women are specifically designed for women’s feet; they are lighter, softer, and shaped according to the female feet. 

The best running shoes not only provide you with comfort while running, but it also helps to boost speed and elevate performance. Many outstanding features have been added in the Running Shoes for Women in 2020; the article briefly entails all of them. 

Things to Consider While Buying Best Running Shoes for Women?

Men often feel comfortable wearing women’s running shoes, but females cannot run wearing men’s shoes at all. Because women have very little muscle mass in comparison to men, and that’s why their shoes usually come with a lightweight and comfortable materialistic composition.

Numerous brands offer a variety of running shoes for women, so while buying your stuff, please make sure you have at least an extra finger width at the tip of your toe cap for your feet to expand comfortably in specific situations.  

Moving ahead, you may also check your gait before purchasing any specified pair of shoes to see if you require extra comfort amid your training session, as there should be adequate room in the toe box to resist your heels from slipping apart. Most athletes choose to go up at least half a size from their actual foot size. 

Best Running Shoes for Women in 2020

Here are some notable brands that are offering the Best Running Shoes for Women in recent times: 


Nike is a worldwide famous brand that consistently offers various shoes for professionals & regular runners including, Marathons, Trails, Cross Country, and Relay. Whether being professional or simply choosing running to keep their body and mind sound, many people widely prefer Nike Sports Shoes as a top option. 

NIKE ZOOM PEGASUS TURBO 2 is one of the best running shoes for Women in the Nike collection. It is a very light-weighted shoe that provides comfort and essentially boosts your running speed. The NIKE ZOOM PEGASUS TURBO 2 shoes are available for men too. It is a top-rated shoe for especially those who are willing to participate in long runs or marathons. The rubber outsole of the shoe helps absorb impact and provide multi-surface traction.


· An angled heel optimizes initial touch and produces a smooth transition.

· Lightweight, very easy to wear, and Promotes blood circulation.

· Delivers energetic support.


· Expensive when compared to other shoe brands.

· Doesn’t work for the runners who want a stable midsole.


The Brooks Hyperion Tempo is known as a light-weighted everyday training shoe. It is one of the most adequate shoes for 10K to half marathon runners, available for both men and women. It was developed in cooperation with Brooks’s fastest pros to support runners to maximize their training potential. 

Brooks Women’s Hyperion Tempo Running Shoe geometries keep your foot stable as you move, letting you run efficiently through a natural motion path. It reduces deviation, boosts speed to make you run faster, and have DNA Flash technology for greater energy return.

It also offers a wider forefoot area for extra support that keeps the runner’s body aligned during long-distance running & training. The stretch-woven upper feature adequately holds your feet and provides outstanding breathability.


  • Best for long racers, flexible cushioning.
  • Breathable fabric lining and lightweight upper.
  • The heel collar is padded.
  • Minimal light weighted shoe, i.e., excellent as a trainer.


  • There is a less cushioned forefoot.


Along with its richhistory, Adidas has built a robust network among numerous aspiring runners worldwide. It is a popularsports brand that comes 2nd on the list of largestsportswear manufacturers worldwide, following Nike. Adidas has manufactured multiple running Shoes for Women in the Energy-Boost and the Spring-Blade Trainers categories. WOMEN’S ADIDAS RUNNING ULTRABOOST 20 SHOES is one of the TOP running sports shoes in the list of Adidas, available in multiple colors such as Core Black, Footwear White, and Glory Green. 

The shoes have an attractive look and excellent recovery support for seasoned runners who want to safeguard their legs. ULTRABOOST 20 shoes are so popular among budding runners that they have a very soft elastane heel that delivers a comfortable fit and more responsive run. Not only for running, but you may also wear shoes for a casual walk. 


  • Flexible upper, light weighted and breathability
  • Twenty percent more boosted to support a more responsive run than others.
  • Responsive cushion with great-looking.


  • Quite costly.
  • Available as per demand in the market.

It is essential to choose the best running shoes and the Best Compression Socks For Women to maintain a healthy & proper running routine. The shoe mentioned above brands has got all the features that women often require to boost their running speed or keep their body fit. Many other manufacturers offer considerable women shoe varieties such asReebok Floatride Run Fast Shoe, Saucony Liberty ISO 2 for Long Distance, ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus the Lite Running Shoes, BROOKS LAUNCH 7 Light-Weighted Women Running Shoes, and so on.

I hope this article caters you to all the required information you need to buy the best running shoes in 2020 as per your convenience & comfort. Now, that’s up to you whether you want to purchase or explore other options in the market. In the end, you’re just suggested to act as a smart consumer. You’re the consumer; the market is always yours!!

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