Best running shoes for men with high arches in 2020

Best running shoes for men with high arches in 2020
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Best running shoes for men with high arches in 2020

Best running shoes for men with high arches in 2020

Whether you’re running to get in shape, keep healthy air regularly, it’s crucial to do this activity in the right type of footwear. If you happen to have an arch that is higher than normal, you may need to look into the best running shoes for men with high arches, which will offer you support that ensures proper alignment and a natural gait cycle.

While people with normal or flat need to purchase supportive or even motion control running footwear, there is a very limited number of running sneakers that provide relief from high arches. These individuals are more likely to under pronate, putting more stress on the outside of the foot, which means you require high-level absorption to prevent pain or discomfort.

Have a look at what to consider to get the highest-rated high arch running shoes that are suitable for your feet.

What makes a shoe best running shoe for men with high arches?

High-arched feet are best served and have neutral cushioning footwear. As opposed to stability devices or a medial post, they have a softer midsole and more flexibility that allow natural pronation without any wobbling sensation. 

You’ll also need a prominent, firm arch mound that goes with the natural profile of your feet. Low to medium arch mounds don’t offer proper support for your foot muscles that can lead to pain or strain s in the middle of the foot. So, make sure the running shoe you buy is both prominent and firm!

Remember, every foot, and every arch is different, so is the shoe. Some pairs might have strong arch support for your feet, and some might be too flat, so you have to get one that suits your profile. Still, confused? There are plenty of choices available in the market, but you should shop for one that values your money and your fits your style. 

Let’s make your task easier as we have detailed some of the best running shoes for men with high arches with pros and cons. Go through them you will like to buy any those detailed below. 

Top best running shoes for men with high arches

Mizuno Wave Creation 20

This model by Mizuno is another neutral model, best for road conditions. It’s the 20th release in Mizuno’s line of flagship maximalist footwear, and it’s best for marathon training or use by those who require shock absorption. This contemporary-looking sneaker comes in a limited number of color choices, which are all quite down to earth, and although it doesn’t offer width options. 

The shoes are designed to provide a good fit for most runners, and the upper portion of the wave creation 20 is made with a combination of Air mesh with breathability and lightweight performance and printed and sewn-on overlays that ensure stability in the feet with proper airflow. 


  • Air Mesh Upper
  • Breathable Midsole 
  • Infinity Wave Plate
  • Pebax Heel Insert


  • Expensive
  • Limited Width Options

Brooks Glycerin 17

The Brooks Glycerin 17 is ideal shoes for those who have side effects from runners with high arches. Segmented cushioning make for a uniform, yet flexible buffer that adapts to your running style while pressure zones on the outsole fight against shin splints by distributing evenly throughout the foot. The brooks shoes for high arches also combines mesh and synthetics to create an upper that is flexible and breathable, while being more durable than some on this list. 

Too narrow of a shoe and you end up exasperating the rigidity of feet with high arches, restricting rotation, and making an underpronation worse. Brooks Glycerin 17 manages to stay streamlined and light, while still being comfortable and flexible enough for long-distance runs and mobility. 


  • Synthetic Shoe
  • Rubber Sole
  • Asymmetrical Tread
  • Mesh Shoe


  • Small size 

Brooks Ghost 11

One of Brook’s brand best-selling shoes over the years. The Ghost has become a name for reliability and performance, especially for long-distance running and gathered a reputation for being a reliable performer. 

The careful balance of weight and cushioning is the best part of this shoe. The extra cushion gives your high arches the perfect benefit. A Gel-Foam Ghost padding provides the necessary support for the arch to harmonize with your foot and distribute the impact energy around the sole. For cases with pain in their heels or just require cushioning, the perfect pick for such a result should undoubtedly be the Brooks Ghost 11. 


  • Great support & overall suitability 
  • Engineered top mesh 
  • Midsole in-built gel that adjusts to your step


  • Too much wear on the inner heel collar
  • Wide heels for those with narrow heels

Salomon X-Mission 3

These trail runners are perfect for those who want to spend high-quality running footwear made by a brand for those who love running and hiking. Neutral in terms of support, with a standard 10mm heel to toe drop, these are best for varying surfaces, including both dry, wet and muddy terrain. These are specialized shoes that are available in a variety of colors and even widths. 

The upper of the X-Mission 3 houses quite a bit of tech. Made with a 3D mesh material best for sensitive stretch overlays, you can expect this model to wrap around the foot, offering it with high levels of breathability and moisture management. These are top choices when it comes to best running shoes for men with high arches. 


  • Sensifit Upper
  • Protective Toe 
  • EnergyCell Midsole
  • Quicklace System


  • Runs Narrow
  • Runs Small

Wrapping It Up

Getting the best running shoe for high arches will pay off your long run. With the excellent feel down to the support it brings for painless sessions, you’ll able to surpass your goals and run freely. Whether you just began or are a professional athlete, getting the right pair of running shoes will surely keep your feet free from pain or distress. 

I hope that this article on the best running shoes for men with high arches helped you to gain information! So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these awesome running shoes now, and if you have questions or want to share your tips and reviews on these running shoes, then do let us know in comments below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!!

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