Best Running Shoe for High Arches in 2020

best running shoe for high arches
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Best Running Shoe for High Arches in 2020

Runners who have high arches find it challenging to get the best, comfortable, and supportive running shoes. Let us help you find the best running shoe for high arches

While there isn’t one shoe fits all type of running shoe that can be perfect for everyone, the best running shoes for high arches all have few things in common.

Roughly 43% of people have high arches, and most people with rigid, high arches can benefit from top-notch support and quality cushioning running shoe. A touch of stability can help runners who overpronate, but the primary goal is to get a shoe that supports your arch and keep it from collapsing too much. 

 What makes a running shoe suitable for high arches?

High-arched feet are the best shoe with the right cushioning effect. In comparison to the stability shoes, these don’t have stability devices or a medial post, but they have a softer midsole that offers the person more flexibility. It helps in natural pronation without any wobbling sensation. 

Low or medium wounds won’t help as they don’t provide efficient support to your foot muscles, which can, later on, result in the strain or pain in the middle of the foot. People often search for the prominent, firm arch mound that compliments the natural profile of your foot. So ensure that your foot gets complete support!

What to look to get the best running shoes for high arches? 

Remember, every foot and every arch is different, so the needs of the running shoe for high arches. Make sure you find the best pair of the running shoe that fits your profile. 

So before you buy a pair of running shoes, you should be aware of the things to check to get the best out of the rest! 

Comfort should be of the primary concern

 Comfort is going to answer your question, “is this shoe right for me?” You can find out the reviews about all the pros and cons of a particular shoe, but only your feet can best tell you whether the pair you are buying is suitable for your requirements!

Enough Arch Support 

Another thing you should look for in a running shoe if you have high arches is if the shoe provides you enough arch support. A shoe with a lower arch will not provide adequate support in case of an unusually high arch. So it’s better to consider another option as insufficient arch support can lead to chronic discomfort and even injury. 

Cushioning to support the entire foot 

The shoe you wear should offer you complete cushioning for comfort, especially for daily activities such as running or workouts for an extended period and distance.

Nobody wants the insole to be so plush that it feels squishy, so it’s essential to get the right combination of firmness and support when you put pressure on the insole.

Adequate Shock Absorption 

As indicated above, cushioning is essential and also suitable for shock absorption, as is the height of the arch. Besides, for high impact activity such as running, a roomy toe space is essential.  

Stability when you hit the ground

Lack of stability in a shoe can lead to injuries like twisted ankles. The running shoe for a high arch should support and encourage a natural gait, and your feet should feel stable and secure. 

Fabrics allow for ventilation

Most runners who take running, or indulge in other high impact fitness routines seriously, want a breathable shoe. Leather-like materials trap the moisture, and it becomes uncomfortable after a specific time to work in those pairs of shoes; instead, you require shoes made from a material that allows ventilation for extended activity.

Right shoe size 

Who knows why, but most athletic shoes tend to run small, so it’s wise to choose a ½ size larger than your usual shoe pair. Most brands of shoes offer a full option for those with wider than average feet. 

Go with the new style

Is fashion or function more relevant to you? Of course both!! There are plenty of options available in the market. Some with vibrant colors, while others are more muted.

Some are more streamlined and feminine, while others may look more useful and massive. For your comfort and safety, we advise you to go with the shoe quality, but that doesn’t mean that you have to comprise for the style! 

So keeping in mind, we have shortlisted few best running shoes for high arches along with their specifications, pros, and cons that you should go through.

Have a look! 

Best Running Shoes for High Arches in 2020


The Ghost is Brooks’ top-selling shoes for years. The Ghost has earned a reputation for being a reliable performer on all kinds of road, whether you are a seasoned runner or long-distance marathon runners, these shoes are the best companion for running long distances. Version 12 of the Brooks Ghost keeps has been updated with a new mesh, seamless upper that feels great.

DNA LOFT technology is used to manufacture the shoe that provides a just-right softness and cushioning effect underfoot without losing responsiveness and durability —so it feels lighter than ever.

No matter how your foot lands, the Segmented Crash Pad has shock absorbers — will cushion every step.


  • Adequate support
  • Light-weighted
  • Balanced, Soft Cushioning
  • They have a reliable durability


  • Can be expensive at times
  • Wide heel for narrow heel users


The Fresh Foam 1080v10 is the first-rated preference of runner’s as the shoe pair offers supreme comfort, and comes in a cutting-edge design. Part of our Fresh Foam X collection, this running shoe features has been updated with Fresh Foam midsole that provides the runners an enhanced softness and a more energetic rebound as a comparison to its earlier pair models of the shoe. 

Long-distance runners often look for the running shoe that is light in weight and offers flexibility. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080V10 is the best option as it has laser engraving on the midsole that removes the extra weight. 

You can experience 360 degrees of comfort with a soft fitting knit upper and Ultra Heel in a stylish new look by buying this best class shoe. 


  • Cutting-edge comfort
  • Soft and supportive fit
  • Provides enhanced flexibility
  • Premium comfort and better energy return than its previous models


  • Heavy


The shoe that changed runners’ perceptions of what HOKA ONE ONE® could be, the Clifton 6 joins the award-winning Clifton family by providing responsive and lightweight. The Hoka Clifton 6 has a smoother ride with a more comfortable fit and allows your foot to breathe. The embroidered design reduces layers and offers support and midfoot lockdown.

If you are struggling with the pain with high arches, then Hoka one one Clifton 6 is an ideal option as it has lots of cushioning provides a soft landing for high arches. The new Clifton remains durable in comparison to the previous models of shoe, particularly for long-distance runners.

The customers are happy to wear these shoes as they offer cushion feels and helps to provide a consistent ride. The stiffness of the shoe makes it is the best running shoe for high arches and is in the preference list of many.



  • Has a good air circulation
  • High durability
  • They are light in weight 
  • Comfortable for short or high tempo runs as well as long runs


  • Usual look
  • Wears out for heavy running


You can experience long-lasting comfort with GEL-NIMBUS® 22 running shoes. Packed with technologies to improve the performance of neutral runners, and provides a cushioning and a responsive stride. 

With this shoe, you can reduce the load on feet as it has been made with Improved forefoot GEL® technology and FLYTEFOAM® Propel technology used to design the midsole that delivers a more energetic ride. 

Additionally, a lightweight AHAR® outsole lowers the overall level of wear so you can spend more time running or workouts. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner runner, the GEL-NIMBUS® 22 enhances your performance running shoe with complete support. 


  • Better ventilation and stability
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Arch support to prevent bending of toes
  • High levels of cushion and support


  • Sole is too soft so visibly impacted by even mile
  • Low durability 


Mizuno is elite high-performance shoes that come with high cushion effect for the high arches. What makes it different is the level of flexibility and support it provides. 

Unlike the other running shoe for high arches from gel or foam layers in Asics or Brooks, this shoe from Mizuno utilizes segmented layers of foam that run the length of the shoe. WAVEKNIT upper construction offers a comfortable fit with more excellent stability in this cushioned running shoe for Men.

You can make your run smoother, softer, and more comfortable in this MIZUNO WAVE SKY WAVEKNIT 3 shoe.


  • XPOP PU foam engineered shoe 
  • Comes with good support
  • Well-cushioned for maximum comfort


  • Heavy
  • Can be expensive

Final words!

Finding the best running shoes for high arches is essential for running gear to your game.

The right shoe enhances your performance, assists you in racking up more mileage, and prevents injury and pain.

Do you own any of these shoes or have any of the suggestions? Feel free to share your insights to improve this guide for the best running shoe for high arches. We would appreciate it!

Also, check our other blogs for best running shoes or other running gear; you would also find them interesting and valuable. 

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