Best running face mask in 2020

Best running face mask in 2020
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Best running face mask in 2020

Best running face mask in 2020

Best running face mask in 2020. Running outside safely during the Coronavirus pandemic means acquainting yourself with a new piece of running gear: the running mask.

Wearing a mask is not a substitute for social distancing, but it offers you an extra measure of protection for those around you. That’s because wearing a mask while running can lower the risk of catching a virus when someone may expel through the air in the form of respiratory droplets.

It may feel strange at first wearing a mask while running, but it should be clear in your mind that masking up and heading out the door isn’t equally safe for everyone. 

What are the best face masks for running?

While cloth face masks can keep you shielded while on a long-distance or quick trip to the grocery store, not all of these masks are designed for physical activity. The generic cloth masks aren’t always breathable, and worse; they can irritate your skin and leads to chaffing. The best running face mask in 2020 are light in weight and is well fit and also fulfill the whole point of wearing a mask. 

The best athletic face masks have a few things in common:

  • The ideal running mask is made from moisture-wicking material, as that you would want in any type of athletic apparel.
  • The best athletic face masks are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable around your face and ears.
  • They should also offer durability, with the ability to wash and reuse them at any time as you want without any wear and tear.

No one needs a mask that is going to sweat through and become a sopping mess after a run, so you should check some of the things carefully before you purchase a running mask. 

What to look at while choosing the best running face mask in 2020?

Are you a beginner runner and not aware of the running gear? No worries!!! 

The good news, we will guide you about the best running gear that you can add to your list before you go out for running. 

Several sports gear companies are making efforts to keep everyone safe by providing you the best running mask that won’t slow you down or interfere with your breathing.

Some of our favorite athletic apparel companies have moved quickly to manufacture athletic masks that help you breathes with moisture-wicking technology, so you don’t feel to desperately peel off your face mask because it’s too hot.

Check out the factors that you should check before you choose a running mask: 


Similar to your workout clothes, you also want to look for the masks that are made from lightweight, moisture-wicking materials. The best running masks wick away sweat and keep your face dry and comfortable. 

You want a mask with a bit of stretch in them so that your masks stay flexible and remain on the face, moving with you on your run rather than sliding off.


All of the top picks on our list of the best running mask below are made from the breathable materials, so you’ll never feel suffocated even if the fabric is over your nose and mouth. Even some of them have tiny perforations in the front too for better breathability.


Whether you’re on a short or long-distance running, you’ll be in motion, so you want a face mask with a snug fit. Face masks that tie on using elastic straps over your ears are best, but you should ensure that their straps that tight around your face.

You can also get balaclava-style coverings masks that can be worn like a hood, with an extra section that covers your face as well.

Below, we’ve described the top best options for athletic face masks. So now it’s your turn to do your part to keep your community safe by masking up before your next sweat session!!! 

Top best face mask for runners 

NextGen Elevation Breathing Workout Mask:

This inventive best sports mask simulates the consequences of training at a more robust elevation. The mask has a sudeo skinny air ambiance that encourages your physique to produce a more robust variety of crimson blood cells. With 24 ranges of oxygen restriction accessible, the NextGen sports masks are most fulfilling for beginners and professional runners alike. 

The mask is geared up with two levers that offer four ranges of resistance and additionally consist of 2 interchangeable valves with four extra levels for much more customization. 

 Whether you are a bike owner, runner, hiker, swimmer, gymnast, or weightlifter, using these masks into your health routine will bring excessive-performance outcomes.


  • Simulate practicing in excessive altitude environments
  • Two interchangeable valves with four extra levels
  • Workout mask to build endurance


  • Uncomfortable fit
  • Problem with air adjustment

Balaclava Face Mask 

Balaclava Face Mask is another best running mask withelastic closure. It is made from breathable material so doesn’t fog your glasses. The mask gives you complete protection from the UV rays and dust in hot weather and keeps your face and neck warm in the cold weather. 

The best part of wearing this mask is that the great fit, it gets easily fits under the motorcycle ski helmet. You can make use of it for skiing, running, riding, fishing, snowboarding, motorcycle, hiking, and climbing. 

Excellent quality & perfect fit for women, men, and children. You can get this one as it has value for your money. 


  • Complete protection wind, dust, pollution, rain, and sun
  • Breathable material
  • Keeps your face and neck warm
  • Excellent quality with elastic fabric


  • Problem with the size
  • Material is less breathable 

Dust mask with Activated Carbon Filters

If you are searching for a mask that can help you with your outdoor activities then dust masks are the best. The dust mask with activated carbon filter removes 95% of dust, pollen; l particulates etc. and help you breathe in clean air. The outer layer of the face mask is changeable and washable as you can easily remove the filter and wash it instead of the entire mask. 

The dust mask is best for cycling, running, hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities and also for indoor usages like carpenter, cleaners, or people doing work that has to deal with dust or dirt.

The breathable mask is made from a durable black nylon mesh outer layer and a finer black nylon mesh inner layer that is comfortable and no sweating. 

No issue with wearing, you can easily press the mask to your face, and put another earloop on the right ear. It’s that simple!


  • Helps you breathe in a more clean way
  • Made from durable material 
  • Moisture-wicking and comfortable
  • Easy to use


  • The section near ears is uncomfortable
  • Loose fit 

High Altitude Training Mask

High altitude training mask is available in black color with stick elastic headband strap fits all size. They are anatomically designed and have an ultra-lightweight and don’t slip while you are on long-distance running or workouts. 

This training mask makes it easier for you to enhance your performance by helping you adjust to higher altitudes and works as the best tool to strengthen and expand your lung capacity under oxygen deprivation. 

As it helps you to control your breathing that improve breathing technique of the athlete. It is a perfect gift for breathing trainer tool for men, women involved in physical training. 


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Ultra-lightweight 
  • Helps athletes to improve breathing technique
  • Perfect training tool to enhance performance 


  • Less breathable
  • Tight fit 

Final thoughts!

Best running face mask in 2020. Mask is as important as that of other running gear so don’t comprise on going with any of those available. 

Wearing a mask could be beneficial when the wearer is properly aware of how to use it and purchase the best one of those available in the market. 

Hope you would have got all your answer for the best running mask!! 

If you have any suggestions for this article, let us know in comments we would add them to make this post more informative.

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