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With the inactive lifestyle that people follow these days, making an extra effort towards our fitness lifestyle is just right. Some people reward themselves in advance with fancy accessories to give them an ounce of motivation. Using these modern devices like our smartphones and smartwatches may be enough reason to push yourself out of that couch.

Apple Watch improved massively for runners – and even the newly announced watchOS 6 operating system launched a host of new features specifically aimed for those people who love to workout and run. That doesn’t change the fact that even casual runners are probably already tracking runs using a service – and unwilling to swap services. However, the beauty of the Apple Watch lies in the adaptive ability offered by apps, and the selection is improving.

People tested a range of Apple Watch running apps by going out and sweaty, to ensure you’re getting the best out of your apple watch. But like other fitness apps of your smartphone, there are many workout apps for your Apple Watch. Here are the lists of some of the best apps to get you running, while leaving your iPhone at home.

#1 – Nike Run Club

Nike made a partnership with Apple for the Apple Watch Series, and you’ll get a special edition of Apple Watch Nike Edition in the store. Samsung has also joined with Under Armour to create a special edition, and lots of other competitors do an equivalent. If you’ve got Apple Watch, then you must download the Nike Run Club app from the App Store, for it will help you to achieve your daily goals and motivate you to try and do more. Audio-guided runs are the most valuable part of this app, and for extra features, you’ll be able to add your friends.

You can connect with Apple Music or Spotify to access your favorite playlists while running. If you’re a social runner, you’ll love the moments to play with friends and cheer one another during runs. Nike + Run Club is a perfect fit for runners with Apple Watches who want stats and feedback during their races but don’t want to hold their iPhones.

#2 – Runkeeper

Runkeeper is one of the popular fitness apps on the Apple app store to trace the run of the users. With over 50 million users, the app’s popularity is fantastic. It utilizes GPS of the iPhone to accurately track the space of your run also because of the speed. It later provides many meaningful insights and stats for users to stay improving a day.

For the running, walking, hiking, climb, and other activities, you’ll use the RunKeeper app on the smartwatch. Similar to the Nike Run Club, its audio features are there to guide and motivate you on the way. The accurate GPS tracker and various tools will look out for you to burn the calories.

Your run data is included with the Apple Activity app and also syncs up to the Runkeeper website. The iOS Runkeeper app displays your splits, speed chart, heart rate chart, and walk rate chart, so on is being recorded and shown on the website.

#3 – Endomondo

Once you’re running, the first of three main in-run screen displays on the Endomondo: duration, distance, current speed, and heart rate. The gesture one swipe left to your apple watch gives more detailed pace information, and a second swipe displays your current BPM and stats of how long you’ve spent in any of the five pulse zones. What you get with GPS and pulse are tracking stripped back to the fundamentals – but it’s still one among the more reliable apps for the Apple Watch.

The App Store doesn’t have only these best running apps. Runtastic and Run Go also are there to guide you and motivate you throughout the training sessions. All the apps are free of cost and have curated for both Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5 smartwatches. By downloading all the applications, you’ll be able to use your iPhone or App Store within the Apple Watch.

#4 – Strava

It is one of the most useful apps for fitness and running goals, fitness-oriented users would recommend it for trainer’s smartwatches. It’s the most comprehensive app on every platform available on Fitbit, Samsung, Garmin, and Wears OS smartwatches. The actual data, various exercise modes, and free availability are the best parts to recommend this app. You’ll be able to track the running, walking, cycling, hiking, and many more patterns.

While recording, the app shows the distance you’ve traveled, how long you’ve run, your average pace (kph or mph), and your current pulse rate. In other words, it provides just about everything you need!

Finished working out? Save your session so you can continue it tomorrow. Not running today? Strava also allows you to change to a different sport if you wish to record other activities. You’ll even explore challenges and run anywhere with the new virtual races feature.

#5 – Apple Workout

You can start several selections of workouts from the Apple Workout app. There are modes for Indoor and Outdoor run, and you may get many data displayed in the device, which you can edit within the Apple Watch companion app. You can also use your iPhone to settle on to show distance, current pace, pulse, duration, average movement, active calories, or total calories.

You’ll also manage its appearance and select between one and multiple metric views. In your display in Apple Watch, the app will showcase your stats, while a swipe to the left makes it easy to modify your tunes up, and a fast right swipe can pause or end proceedings. The post-run stats screen is relatively comprehensive with distance, time, active calories, overall calories, average pace, and average pulse.

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