Beginner’s Guide: 10 Essential Running Gears to Look Out For

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There are a lot of things that you should know before joining any race or marathon. While you prepare your training schedule for your upcoming race, don’t forget to look for your running gears as well. You might think that you only have to purchase a pair of running shoes, but you also might want to consider buying essential running gears that gives you comfort and maximizes your full potential.

For you to endure the miles that you are going to run, you need the right gear to help you reach your goal. Wearing the appropriate clothes such as the correct shorts and shirts fit for your trainings and specially on the day of your marathon is such an essential thing to do.

To further guide you with all the essential things to prepare for your race, here are the basic items you should have:

#1 Running shorts

The ideal running shorts must provide you with comfort, the ability to eliminate sweat during your training, and most importantly, it should be lightweight. When you look for a running shorts, you must check if it comes with its own pant liner so you don’t have to wear anything with it. Don’t forget to try them on so you get can adjust the fit according to your size.

Running shorts typically come with an elastic waist bands but you definitely go for the ones with the drawstring so you can tie and adjust the shorts to your preferred fit. Elastic shorts tend to move down your waist specially when you sweat too much. Your shorts should not be too loose or too tight that they tend to cut off the circulation of blood in your waist. Runners would advice to also consider buying shorts with a small zipped pocket the stores your emergency cash and keys.

#2 Running socks

The need to include running shoes in the list is very high. You will not regret buying socks at the end of your race. The best socks to buy are decent ones that are seamless, not too thick, and designed to resist sweat and moisture on your foot. If you buy socks that are specifically designed for tracks and races, your feet will thank you for saving it from extreme friction and from gaining blisters.

#3 Running tights

During cold weather, runners are often advised to wear tights that can keep their legs warmer. In this way, it can help prevent the chances of having injuries during your run. Many runners customize their running tights to fit their legs more effectively in order to reduce the contact of wind and rain. This is an effective way to reduce muscle strains due to cold weather contact and to ensure that you will enjoy your running time despite the weather conditions.

#4 Running tops

It is not advisable to wear cotton tops during your run because it absorbs your sweat and rain rapidly as you run. There are a lot short and long sleeve tops you can choose from that generally sweeps the sweat away to keep your cool and allows greater chance of having the flow of air through the fabric. Choose tops that has a light-weight material but will keep you warm or cool in line with the kind of weather you will be dealing with.

Running tops should fit you well otherwise you will run on the tracks feeling cold and wet. Look for tops that are not to fit and a little too baggy for your size.

#5 Running gloves

When you are running, large volumes of blood are diverted from your hands to your legs. You might feel that the longer you run, the colder your hands get. If the weather condition is wet and cold, get yourself a pair of gloves that is comfortable and lightweight. You might see other runners wearing woolen gloves due to its affordability but it can’t withstand your sweat and water unlike other fabrics. Invest on a decent waterproof/windproof pair of gloves.

#6 Running jacket/gilet

Experts would advise runners to run with a gilet or a long sleeve waterproof top during extreme weather conditions. There are fabric options for you to choose from that offers excellent water-resistance and wind-stopping features that can keep you dry and warm throughout your run. You can invest in having the best brands there is in the market so you can get the best experience out on your first marathon.

#7 A trusted brand of sport bra

Choose a good brand or the brand that you trust when it comes to sports bra so it can provide you optimum comfort. This will benefit you in way that you can move comfortably without stressing your ligaments and vein in your uppermost body. Make sure that it fits your bust just fine as well so you won’t feel suffocated and out of breath in your long runs.

#8 Running hat

During cold conditions, the heat the flows through your body can be lost through your head. Hats are essential when you run because they function like gloves —they can warm up your head during cooler weathers. When looking for the best hats, make sure to consider having the ones with waterproof and wind protection functions and not the woolen ones because they will not function the same.

#9 A good visibility

Most runners consider to buy running tops that are visible during extreme weather conditions. Those tops with reflective strips are the ones to look out for. As a starter, make sure to purchase a top that is considered high-viz which allows you to be visible on the track when you run in the dark. If you can seem to find any, a fluorescent bib is also advisable so that you will be spotted by your audience.

#10 Staying Hydrated

You don’t want to end up lying on the ground before you successfully finish the race. If there is a need for you to carry a water bottle with you, then do it. Choose a light-weight bottle that will not add up to the weight of the water. You will not last on your first marathon if you will not stay hydrated unless you stationed bottled water on your track before the big day.

The things about might sound a little bit too much but you will never know when you need them. The goal is to make sure you enjoy your time and be comfortable when you run for hours. What are you waiting for? Start finding the right gears today to get yourself prepared on what’s about to come.

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