Are Nikes Good For Running?

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Nike is one of the most popular and notably, the most innovative of all shoe brands. While consumers stick with popular models for years, they continuously innovate by adding new technologies that result in further names and classification. Their Pegasus line, for instance, is on its 35th itineration and is still one of the most popular running shoes. 

Reaching more than 30 years of production, Nike is easily one of the bigger institutions in its niche. Its Pegasus line, in particular, does carry some weight, but the quality is incredible. This same quality reflects through all of the shoes in the Nike collection. 

What Makes a Good Running Shoe?

While running shoes may look like any other sneaker, they are incorporated with specialized technology and features specifically designed for running. The ideal running shoe can prevent or significantly reduce injury from a repetitive running motion as well as having design features that help runners move forward with greater ease.

Determining whether a running shoe is suitable or not depends on a lot of factors including, the runner’s arch built, gait, preference, and the terrain. However, there are some principles to consider when evaluating running shoes in general.

The materials used and its seamless construction contribute to its performance, durability, and convenience. When running, the shoe must be able to minimize the impact for your foot not to acquire injury or receive too much tension. Athletes also consider whether the footwear can keep them comfortable through varying terrains or not.

A recommendable pair of running shoes must have advanced tech systems and superior cushioning to avoid shock, and at the same time, improve performance. Most of these running gears offer great convenience to the athlete with its upper mesh breathability and a snug fit for the toes.

Some running footwear can assist people with low and high arches. These shoes showcase exceptional arch support to allow flat footers to run like normal. 

Additionally, most people would also factor in the price when evaluating a pair of shoes. However, what matters is whether the price is worth it or not. When it comes to running shoes, stratospheric price tags usually mean better technology and comfort features. Quality running shoes with all sorts of features generally range from around $100 to $250. 

Will Nike Pass as an Excellent Running Shoe?

When using these principles to evaluate Nike shoes, it is evident that they are exceptional running shoes. A lot of people may contest that some of their prices are quite expensive and is not worth the pump, but this mostly depends on personal opinion.

When it comes to construction and running experience, Nike shoes are undoubtedly one of the most popular. Nike shoes offer a durable, reliable, and well-tested set of features. The technologies incorporated in their shoes provide an ideal running experience like no other. 

The Flyknit technology, for instance, is a specially woven fabric that makes the upper of a shoe feel like a sock. It allows for an exact top fit as it seamlessly integrates tight-knit areas where support is needed and the wide-knit regions to allow for flexibility. Engineered Flymesh technology, on the other hand, has an entirely different construction as it is less expensive than Flyknit technology but has a more durable and flexible construction than other traditional mesh fabrics. 

Why are Some Runners not Fond of Nike?

Even with all the innovations that Nike introduced over the years, several people in the running community are not impressed. Nike is a famous brand among the non-running population, and many perceive that Nike sneakers are shoes worn more as a fashion item than as actual running shoes. 

People who are particularly sensitive about running gear culture tend to look down on this and ultimately consider Nikes of their choices for running shoes. In contrast, brands like Brooks, Mizuno, and Saucony are not very popular outside of the running community or any related sports, so they are perceived to be more dedicated to serious running. 

However, in recent years, Nike has cemented its name as one of the best running shoe brands. Running records are being broken at a blistering pace lately, and all these come from Nike’s incredible shoe innovations. In November 2019, elite marathoner Eliud Kipchoge ran the first official sub-2 hour marathon in Vienna, which was considered a time mark to beat. That same week, fellow Kenyan Brigid Kosgei shattered the women’s marathon record in the 2019 Chicago marathon event.

What was notable on both performances is that they were using the same type of Nike shoes. Eliud Kipchoge was running in a prototype featuring Nike’s latest Vaporfly technology, while Brigid Kosgei wears an earlier version of the same footwear.

Best Rated Nike Shoes in Amazon

We list below the best-rated running shoes from the Nike collection. 

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

With summer coming in a few months, runners can prepare for the worst heat with the ultra-breathable mesh of this pair of Pegs. The Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 boasts larger perforations in its mesh to protect from higher temperatures. 

ZoomX Vaporfly Next%

Its weird name is a prelude to crazy things it can do. The ZoomX Vaporfly Next% is one of the results of Nike’s tireless experiments to create the fastest shoe. If you want to win a marathon, consider training and racing in this footwear.

Epic React Phantom Flyknit

For those who prefer running without having to tie a lace, Nike offers the Epic React Phantom Flyknit. This minimalist-style footwear showcase React foam, a soft and responsive foam that provides support and a roomy fit.

Air Zoom Winflo 6

Sleek and ultra-lightweight, Nike’s Air Zoom Winflo 6 sports grippy rubber outsoles, dependable cushions, and an affordable price tag. 

Terra Kiger 5

Love running on trails? Nike’s Terra Kiger 5 gives the ultimate support while striding on a muddy path or a rocky terrain. Its rock plate and deep lugs offer protection, while the React foam technology keeps your feet comfy throughout the tracks.

Should You Get a Nike?

Nike shoes, especially those with the most advanced features, are worth the shot! The restrictions passed by the World Athletics further increase the brand’s popularity, which makes the Nike brand name currently second to none when it comes to performance. Now, other sneaker companies are racing to produce their high-end shoes with similar benefits. Expect more innovations and added features to running shoes. 

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