6 Best Running Tights for Women in 2021

6 Best Running Tights for Women in 2021
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6 Best Running Tights for Women in 2021

6 Best Running Tights for Women in 2021

Have you been on the lookout for the best tights for your every kind of run?

Well, not to worry, in this article, we’ll be sharing with you some of the best running tights for 2021!

We believe that every runner deserves running tights that offer the perfect mix of comfort, ease, flexibility, and features. With that said, we made sure that our team tested it out for you to deliver the best reviews.

  1. Janji 7 / 8 Groundwork Tights
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On the top spot, we have the Janji 7/ 8 Groundwork tights. What’s great about these tights is that they offer runners a stretchy high waistband, which prevents users from experiencing pinchy sides when on the run.

This high waistband also serves as a slippage stopper. Which guarantees you won’t feel the need to “pull up your leggings” when doing your strenuous activity.

Aside from that, these tights also do give the perfect mix of a well-fitted form and comfort, making it an excellent choice for runners.


  • Contains four pockets
  • Offers seamless leg openings
  • Has a secure high waist structure


  • 68% nylon
  • 32% spandex
  • Made with breathable moisture-wicking fabric
  • Yoga style waistband with adjustable fit
  • Made with durable nylon, this running tights stretches when you wear them while still retaining their shape
  • Has deep pockets that can accommodate large smartphones
  • Has two internal waistband pockets
  • Ergonomic length above the ankles for better output movements
  • Laser-cut hems with a seamless finish
  1. Oiselle Lux Go Anywhere 3 / 4 TIghts
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What we love about the Oiselle Lux Go Anywhere ¾ tights are its luxurious and exquisite material, with its silky soft texture.

These running tights are made with an infinite drawcord, which guarantees a comfortable and firm waistband, which prevents you from “pulling your tights up” no matter how sweaty you get.

It even offers you side pockets, making it even easier to carry your smartphones (or even some cash) around when you make a run!


  • Side pockets for extra room
  • Soft fabric


  • Size may be too long for shorter runners


  • Soft, compressive, and durable
  • Big side pockets
  • Internal infinity drawcord for adjustability
  • Made with heavyweight Lux (polyester/spandex)
  1. Korsa Women’s Infinite High Rise Capri
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Next up, we have these capri tights from Road Runner Sports apparel. 

What we love about these running tights is the fact that it offers an ultra-soft texture, making it perfect even for all-day wear (for any temperature.)

Aside from that, these leggings also offer a high waistband with a stretchable pocket. 

This makes it easy for you to bring some of your small valuables like your keys, card, or cash.

Its moisture-wicking material also provides users excellent odor-control, which prevents users from body odors despite getting all sweaty from the long runs.

  • Ultra-soft material
  • Fabric infused with odor-resistant features


  • Only provides one pocket on the waistband


  • 4-way stretch fabric that wraps around the body
  • Dual-side brushed comfort
  • FLEXknit
  • Made with stink-fighting tech
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Wide waistband for better stability
  • Hidden pocket built-in waistband
  • 80% polyester
  • 20% spandex
  1. Outdoor Voices Women’s 7 / 8 TechSweat Leggings

What’s not to love about the TechSweat running tights from Outdoor Voices?

It features a second-skin fit, topped with an excellent breathable fabric adding up to its wearers’ flexibility.

Aside from that, its near-compressive feel prevents the tights from slipping during your workout activity, may it be running or yoga.

And of course, how could we forget that it’s made with TechSweat Fabric, which quickly wicks away sweat for you, so you need not feel sticky during your mid-workout!


  • It offers a hugging feeling (without giving you a restricted feeling)
  • Ideal for jumping, running and even squatting
  • Flattering seam design
  • High-waisted back pocket
  • Quick-drying material


  • It would be better if it had more pockets


  • Made with OV Core Band for better shape
  • 25” inseam
  • Made with TechSweat
  • 72% Nylon
  • 17% Lycra
  • 11% Polyester
  1. Old Navy Women’s High-Waisted Powersoft 7 / 8 Leggings
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What’s super exciting about these running tights is that it’s sold for an affordable price. Aside from that, it’s even offered in various colors you can choose from, making it perfect for those who feel trendy in the middle of runs. 

These Powersoft leggings are designed with deep pockets, making it more convenient for you to bring your valuables while on the run (like some cash, keys, or even your card.) 

These tights give wearers the perfect mix of comfort and support, preventing users from feeling tight and suffocated.


  • Sold for an affordable price
  • Has side pockets
  • It doesn’t feel saggy


  • Not as compressive as the other tights


  • Made with elasticized waistband
  • Designed with on-seam side pockets
  • Lightweight compression interlock fabric
  • Four-way super stretch for better movement
  • Has Go-Dry-Moisture wicking technology to make users feel dry and comfortable
  • Gusseted for improved movements
  • Tag-free label back waist for better comfort
  1. Athleta Women’s Ultimate Stash Pocket 7 / 8 Tights
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The Athleta Women’s Ultimate Stash 7 / 8 Tights is quite similar to the Old Navy’s High-Waisted Leggings as both offer an excellent support compression perfect for your high-intensity workouts.

These running tights are made with narrow side pockets, ideal for storing your small valuables like your keys, cash, or card. 

What’s great about these tights is the fact that they’re available in petite, tall, regular, and plus size to accommodate various body shapes. 


  • It offers a compressive fit
  • Has side pockets


  • Its stash pockets is relatively narrow


  • Ideal for high impact workouts
  • Made with SuperSonic fabric for better support compression
  • Has two stash pockets and one back waistband pocket
  • Stash pockets can stretch comfortably on the body to help users hold valuable items

The Bottomline

Getting yourself good running tights is just as good as getting yourself a good pair of running shoes that will guarantee you smooth and enduring long runs!

We hope you now have an idea of the best tights available in the market using the top list of products we’ve shared. What’s your pick?

Are you looking for more health and wellness tips? Check us out here for more!

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