5 Best Women’s Shoes For Arch Support

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Choosing a pair of running shoes is more than just aiming for a specific brand and color. While others pick their gears based on appearance and the comfort it brings during a workout, some individuals might need a particular type of footwear due to their physical condition.

Many people walk the earth with flat feet. Others have problems with their arches, which may result in stabbing pains after a strenuous run or physical activity that adds pressure to one’s heel. In this case, we highly recommend investing time and money to find and purchase the right shoes, particularly something with excellent arch support.

While a pair of flat feet spares no one, some of the sufferers are women who are not yet aware of this condition and have little knowledge about proper running gears they need to wear, shall they decide to get serious in this type of activity.

For men who’d like to know about the best shoes for arch support, watch out for our next article.

Why Need Arch Support?

There are many reasons behind the need for arch support. The biggest of them all sprouts from the chronic foot conditions due to having a poor arch form. Some people feel less comfortable while standing, walking, and running with their flat feet. This situation calls for an arch corrector or support, which may come in the form of insoles or shoes.

How Does Arch Support Help Alleviate Pain From Chronic Feet Condition?

Individuals suffering from heel pain and other feet conditions can find great relief from arch support. Here’s a list of how this solution would help assist in their recovery.

Provides Specialized Support

Arch supports help alleviate pain and other symptoms on patients with plantar fasciitis. Most of these artificial supports are explicitly made for this purpose. While it helps lessen that stabbing pain, you may still feel pain in your foot, but this should help you do some chores with added convenience.

Arch Supports Prevent Your Feet From Receiving Further Harm

The artificial support serves as an additional barrier from the impact of every step or stomp you make. Moreover, it supports your arches to avoid it from collapsing. When the arch collapses, the plantar fasciitis condition worsens and may lead to further damage.

Provides Balance

Shoes with built-in arch support will help improve an athlete’s balance and stability. Whether you do weights or marathon, this type of shoes helps lessen the chances of injury as it distributes the pressure to other parts across your feet. It also aids other correctors in assisting women with back and posture problems.

10 Best Women’s Shoes For Arch Support

When choosing the best running shoes for arch support, you must buy the most comfortable shoes you can find. As such, you would need to consider the material, construction, and style. Moreover, it’s crucial to test the shoes and walk around to feel it against your feet before checking it out on the register.

Brooks Women’s Ghost 10

Sports enthusiast rave about Brooks Women’s Ghost 12, a seemingly upgraded version of this item we have on our list. The difference, however, lies in the arch support system. The Brooks Women’s Ghost 12 may fare as comfortable shoes for a marathon, but it’s not a friendly option for people with flat feet.

On the other hand, Brooks Women’s Ghost 10 is a well-cushioned option that offers stability and immense support. Generally, Ghost 10 has everything you need to limit the amount of pressure your feet absorb, and it guarantees the best care in every step.

Ghost 10 Best Features

For someone in great need of arch support, its Crash Pad ensures excellent protection on sudden impact. This specialty of the gender-specific Ghost 10 is useful when running on uneven terrain or if the race would involve ascending or descending an elevated platform. Moreover, you can replace the removable insole of the shoe with orthotics or new ones if needed.

The mesh upper makes it breathable, keeping your feet cool and dry all day. Ghost 10 has superior quality and is highly recommendable for women with fallen arches or plantar fasciitis.

ASICS Gel-Kayano Women’s Running Shoes

With overwhelmingly positive reviews, ASICS continues to release men’s and women’s running shoes providing exceptional support and stability. As a result of their constant enhancement of footwear tech, we bring you Gel-Kayano in this list of best women’s shoes for arch support.

ASICS Gel-Kayano Best Features

Fans of ASICS lightweight collection series will love the Fluidfit and Fluidride feature of the Gel-Kayano running shoes. The Fluidfit attribute keeps your feet snug because of an upgraded upper mesh. On the other hand, Fluidride technology presents a shock-absorbing midsole, backed with superior cushioning despite being lightweight.

In addition to the above, ASICS incorporated an exoskeletal heel clutch system for improved fit and support. It also sports high abrasion rubber on regions often subject to wear and tear so that the stunning design would outlive most running shoes in the market.

Nike Air Zoom For Women

As the name implies, Nike Air Zoom shoes are for those who would like to improve their performance while protecting their feet with superior traction and extreme breathability.

Nike Air Zoom Best Features

The Nike Air Zoom unit, which sits at the front of the shoe will help you run faster while the excellent arch support helps low-arched and flat feet runners leap forward with reduced shock. Moreover, its waffle outsole provides excellent traction, and the added rubber crash rails ensure a smoother transition. With its stylish appearance and a variety of color options, you can never go wrong with the Nike Air Zoom!

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11

Mizuno provides a wide array of shoes for various needs. For the running category, particularly in the range of models showcasing excellent arch support, Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 is the one that catches our attention. Although Mizuno Wave Creation 10 and Mizuno Wave paradox are formidable contenders, they lack the assurance Inspire 11 gives when it comes to flat feet and high arches issues.

Inspire 11 Best Features

Keeping fit and joining races won’t be an impediment for victims of overpronation, flat feet problems, and plantar fasciitis if they have the Mizuno Wave Inspire 11. Its U4iC and double fan wave technology absorbs the shock, whereas keeping it thirty percent lighter than most technologically advanced footwear.

Mizuno is a flexible brand that exhibits different width options to address some toe issues frequently raised by many customers. The insoles are also removable, which you can remove if not needed or replaced with orthotics.

Saucony Omni

Choosing Saucony Omni running shoes as a training partner is a wise decision. The brand produces units to conquer longer roads and feel comfortable throughout your tracks.

Best Features Of Saucony Omni

Overpronators of different degrees will significantly benefit from the exceptional support of the Sauc-Fit tech. Apart from the stable midfoot feature, it also has a POWERGRID system that provides absolute cushioning and shock-absorption.

Saucony Omni’s upper mesh sports an interior that eliminates moisture. The lace up fronts and rubber outsoles team up to give superior traction and control. All these benefits for arch support go in without sacrificing its weight as the iBR tech keeps the Saucony Omni running shoes lightweight.

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