10 Running Milestones To Achieve

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People try to make a habit out of running due to various reasons. While some would run regularly to lose weight, others find a sense of fulfillment whenever they speed through the racetracks. When you finally decided on becoming serious with running, you may want to consider taking it up a notch after every achievement. Thus, it may be a good thing for one to make a list of running milestones for further motivation.

Moreover, running as a routine may bore you out soon. If you did not add anything or make any changes to the cycle, that would be a dull activity when it shouldn’t be. Try incorporating some twists and inject some hurdles to spice up your daily run. And if you did something terrific, rewarding yourself by celebrating these milestones is indeed, a reasonable treat!

Here are some suggested running milestones you and your buddies should observe and mark as an important phase of your running life.

#1 – 10 Minutes Of Continuous Run

Beginners, with a vast percentage of them being treadmill runners, would have a hard time maintaining a running pace for 10 minutes. Some of them may be trying to lose weight and have just started stretching and flexing their leg muscles, glutes, and calves.

If you belong to this group of runners, you might feel exhausted or cramping even before you reached the 5-minute score. Hitting the 10-minute mark may not be close to what pros can do, but you’re a million miles from where you were before. That alone is enough reason to celebrate!

#2 – Acquiring Your First Injury

Whether you had a sprain or a bruise from a running accident, the injury serves as a great lesson to take. It may be sad to hear at first, but it’s one of those anecdotes you will share with your running buddies or any person who would like to hear about your adventures as a sprinter or a racer.

Try taking a selfie after an unfortunate injury. This act could play as a new social media trend or possibly, a throwback you can post for the whole world to see. May this event remind you of things you should do to prevent any running mishaps, and so you could warn followers and friends who want to tread the same path as you do.

#3 – Being An Official Member Of A Running Group

This milestone does not pertain to a random Facebook group. For it to be worth celebrating, this assembly should be an active facilitator and promoter of races, marathons, and other running events. Try joining clubs with a frequent schedule of running programs that would make you busy every weekend.

#4 – Buying Your First Pair Of Running Shoes

Those who run occasionally or casually may not see running shoes as a necessity. But once you invested enough time on this activity or have developed a great interest to run or race, you will see running shoes as a crucial part of your daily life.

Buying a new pair of shoes often signifies a fresh start: a new job, the beginning of the school year, a momentous occasion, and more. And every time you get yourself a nice pair of footgear, you feel motivated or ready to chase something. So, don’t fuss the few bucks and think of it as an investment.

#5 – Finishing Your First Race

First-time participants don’t expect to win, and this may not be your goal as a green-horn runner in racing events. You can find the joy and the sense of accomplishment after crossing that finish line.

Also, you don’t just jump into a 5k or 10k race without enough preparation.   It would take extensive training and self-discipline if you want the race to end up well for you. Seeing an inch of improvement in your range and endurance is enough reason to be happy. What more if you’ve become courageous enough to sign up for a race and finished your self-training out of sheer pressure?

#6 – Your First Negative Split

Negative split in running pertains to completing the second half of the race, at a pace faster than your first half. Doing so is a big deal, as you were able to pick up enough strength at the latter part of the race. The ability to do this is a sign of boosted endurance, which means you have improved and that you can do more. Indeed, something that gives you something to look forward to.

#7 – When You Can Answer Many Questions About Running

Knowing what to do in a running situation that others can’t figure out is an edge, especially in a marathon where you’re trying to win a gold or a silver. You should also feel proud of yourself whenever you find yourself helpful to those who ask for tips on how to solve problems related to the sport.

#8 – When You Get Your First Medal Or Trophy

While this milestone seems like a long shot, especially for beginners, it is indeed achievable and aiming for it brings many opportunities for overall enhancement. Before you can get to the top, you need to endure tons of training, discipline, and enough knowledge about running. Moreover, who in their right mind won’t hold a victory party after succeeding in one of their biggest dreams?

#9 – Every Time You Beat Your Record

It just feels so good every time you find yourself able to do things you previously found to be impossible. Such events help you recall how you started—from an exhausting 5-min treadmill run to a winnable 42.195k marathon run. Shall you fail to do something, these milestones remind you that you’re able to break boundaries and it’s just a matter of time and more training.

#10 – Most Fulfilling Among These Running Milestones: Seeing Your Running Buddies Grow

We know some fitness trainers who unselfishly lend a helping hand to anyone who they feel needs it and would be happy to accept. After weeks and months of training, you will start to realize why it’s so easy to extend assistance even without getting rewarded for it—because you understood the same struggles and dilemma of a beginner.

It is much more rewarding to see our buddies who sweat and bleed together with us on our way up, that they finally achieved their running and fitness goals. And at this stage, is where you can finally say that you nailed all your milestones and that all of you deserve a beautiful and long celebration.

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