10 Running Equipment For Overweight Beginners

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Running appears as the first choice for physical activity of people who would like to lose some weight. It brings healthy stress to the heart, and it is an effective burner of stored fats. Moreover, it enhances your overall strength and improves your mood, keeping stress at bay.

The challenge, however, is at the beginning phase, wherein an overweight individual would need to overcome tons of hardships and adjustments to achieve their fitness goals.

When you plan to start a running program, having the determination will help you keep going. Don’t worry, making that decision is where everybody begins. You’re doing good so far!

While weight watchers like you can become triumphant, the trial would be much easier with some running equipment to provide support, assistance, and great convenience.

Here’s a list of running tools you might want to consider having:

The Most Convenient and Comfortable Shoes For You

Having good and comfortable shoes regardless of brand, size, and style will help you enjoy running. Ill-fitting shoes only lead to problems such as the following:

Acceleration and aggravation of overpronation – an unusual way of walking where the foot rolls more inward than average

Supination – the opposite of pronation where the weight appears to be on the outside of your foot

Plantar Fasciitis – a trigger for heel pain, caused by strain or injuries acquired by the sole

Specialized footwear such as shoes for arch support would provide substantial midsole foot cushioning, offer arch support, and prevent injuries. Comfortable shoes will help you avoid sore feet and blisters.

There are also some shoes created for an increased performance like Nike’s ZoomX Vaporfly Next% and Air Zoom Winflo 6. Both shoes are ultra-lightweight and have advanced, reliable tech to help you last, or even win marathons after you’ve trained yourself enough.

Proper clothing for runners

Running gears that would fit would be a bit challenging for both me and women who are way over the average weight. There are plus-size brands with breathability much considered to support runners of this proportion.

Avoid wearing clothing that traps both heat and moisture against your skin, leading to uncomfortable training and possibly, some skin issues. Choose a shirt that has moisture management, wicking, or DriFit on the label, which will pull the moisture away from your skin quickly and help your body cool down.

A good pair of compression tights with the moisture-wicking feature can help you move conveniently and avoid nipple chafing.

Anti-chafing Lubricants

Speaking of chafing, if you have not experienced this event, consider yourself lucky. Chafing is an irritation to the skin caused by friction, which causes runners’ chests to bleed.

It usually happens due to skin-on-skin or clothing-on-skin rubbing. The constant friction, or a few in some cases, will eventually cause enough irritation that will damage your skin, resulting in rashes, blisters, extreme darkening, or raw skin. Excessive chafing can be excruciatingly painful, making movement difficult.

Chafed nipples or thighs usually occur in just about any physical activity that includes repetitive or patterned motion, but it is especially common during long-distance cycling, running, and walking. Overweight and obese people are more prone to thigh chafing.

There are some skin treatment solutions explicitly designed for lubricating high-friction areas on your body to prevent chafing.

GPS Running Watch

Running watches are one of the best equipment that runners should have. They allow the runners to track their progress accurately, enhance the quality of their training, ditch carrying a phone, and look stylish.

Tracking your progress and the location is crucial as it will help you build a good running program. This can help you to improve since your body will adjust accordingly to develop.

Arm Band or Fit Belt

At some points, you need some small pouch that will help you hold the important things in its position, such as phones and water bottles. It will help if you use Bluetooth devices, instead of wired, for a more convenient run.

Some armbands and fit belts have integrated fitness counters that gauge the distance you traversed, the number of steps you took, and the number of calories you burned through the whole workout.

Earphones or Headphones

Although not advised to those who run in sidewalks, running with music may work with some people. Those who frequent the gym for treadmill runs need some invigorating songs to boost their performance.

Weight Vest

A weight vest is one of the most recommended equipment for runners, especially in overweight people – the purpose of wearing a weight vest while running is to add extra weight to the body. This will help you to burn fats and gain some muscles.

Waist Trimmer

Waist Trimmer is a piece of wearable equipment used to fastening around your waistline. It is designed to store fats inside the body together with the excess water. This can help you to reduce fat from the body, but the extra water stored in the body won’t go anywhere.

Sauna Suit

Running in Sauna Suit has been proven effective as it has several benefits, including increased weight loss, enhancing performance, and improving cardiovascularly. It is primarily designed to help you drop weight quickly by trapping body heat to elevate from the average temperature.


In case you would want to exercise without exposing your skin to direct sunlight, the treadmill would be beneficial. It is not only safe, convenient, and efficient, but also, running on it allows you to focus on the purpose of working out without the risk of slick surfaces or aches that develop from running on cold. Furthermore, if there’s an unexpected change in weather, running won’t be delayed and will continue as well as when there’s heavy traffic ahead. On a treadmill, those things are not an issue.

Having these everyday things for running will have a big impact on your weight loss journey. It might be the usual things you see, but having the right knowledge about tools will exempt you from possible pain, injury, and some inconvenient moments during the workout.

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